“How To Create A Machine That Turns Your Passion Into Hard Cash Even While You Sleep - With No Experience, No Merchant Accounts, And Don’t Know The First Thing About Selling."

From The Desk Of: Riz Aseem

Riz PictureWhen I first started I spent all my time and money of trying to make things perfect. The end result was that I spend too much time, and WAAY too much money on starting something that didn’t really work.

It wasn’t until I discovered the secrets of the machine… and how to create this machine that I was finally able to liberate myself from the mundane tasks in my business and finally do the things that I wanted to do.

… shoot sh*t with my friends, hang out with my family, take vacations when I wanted to… heck even take Fridays off and not do any work if I wanted to.

Today, I want to share with you this machine, and how to create this for you… but


Most people over complicate this when they are getting started. They think too much, and put too much on their shoulders to do.

They are thinking about all the things that they ‘think’ a BIG business must do forgetting that they are not yet a big business.

Plus, most people don’t understand the bare minimums of the business and get fooled by high-priced consultants that teach them to do business plans, and setup a corporation or some other bullsh*t thing that they ‘must’ do.

Truth is there are only 5 things that you must do in business. Everything else is just icing… if you do it great… if you don’t do it no one even notices…

Think about business as being a birthday cake… it’s better to have a cake without icing, than no cake with icing.

Most people remain stuck in making the icing perfect and never bake the cake.

Well what you’re going to discover today is going to change all that for you. You will discover the simple formula to quickly get your business setup. Plus the 5 essentials of any business… whether you’re selling information products online, creating a product, or have a novel idea to change the world.

If you don’t have these 5 essentials, or miss even one of these, your business will fail.

You will spend your time doing things that don’t matter in business, wasting both your time and your money. Your business will never get started and your business will become another statistic in the failed business economics.

By putting just these 5 things in place you will quickly get started and see profits coming in to your business. These profits will multiply over time as you keep improving your business, processes and these 5 elements.

Ultimately you will make the kind of money that you want to make, do the things that you want to do and have the fun, profitable lifestyle that you’ve always wanted. You will quickly become one of the most successful, if not THE most successful business owner you know.

So let’s take a look at

How To Design A Machine That Turns Your Passion Into Profit

Before I tell you the exact steps to designing a machine that turns your passion into profit, lets first take a look at

What Does Designing A Machine Mean?

Most people think that designing something is where a few creative people sit down thinking about the problem for a few nights… burning the midnight oil… staying up late and then…

“VIOLA!!! I have the perfect design… ”

That’s the old-school method. Where you did a ton of market research, spent all your time and money thinking about the things that your customers might want, then designing the thing… if it worked you were a genius… if it didn’t… you were fired and had to go back to the drawing board.

The internet has changed all that… but only for the smart ones using the tools to their advantage.

The truth is far from it.

Designing something means that you take the first initial draft and test it out… then you look at all the things that worked well, and the ones that didn’t work very well.

Improve the once that worked well to make them work even better… and think about how to improve the things that didn’t work well so they start working well.

You keep doing this over, and over, and over again. Until you have something that is excellent.

Think about the iPhone. The first one sucked… it didn’t even have 3G while other phones were coming out with 4G and LTE data at that time.

However, look at the iPhone now… it’s probably still way behind Android hardware and doesn’t include all the bells and whistles that Android fans might say that Android has… but the things that the iPhone does have work excellently now.

And they keep making it better and better. Each iPhone is an improvement on the previous one… it’s not really revolutionary… but it’s enough of an improvement that it makes a huge difference.

This is what designing means… and that’s what we’re going to do.

We’re going to design the machine. We’ll start off with just the basics… just the few steps that we need to have to get the machine started.

Once we get going and have cash coming in… we’ll keep improving, and iterating… taking the next step and making it even better.

As we do more and more and more of this… our machine will become unstoppable and before we know it, it will be generating massive cash from our passion.

But before we go out creating this machine…

What Is The Machine?

The machine is the ‘thing’ that gets customers to show up at your door automatically…

… then talks to the customers explaining to them what you have and how it will benefit them,

… then weeding out the buyers form the looky-loos,

… then helps them walk through the entire process of selecting the service that best suits them…

… and finally collects the money and delivers to them the service or product that they wanted.

Based on this there are a few things that this machine has to do for you… let’s break it up and see exactly what this machine needs to do for you… then we’ll look at how you can get this machine to do just that.

  1. Get customers to show up at your door automatically 

    Let’s face it – if you had to go talk to customers everyday, you would get pooped pretty quickly.Plus you won’t be able to spend time on your passion. So the machine must bring customers to your door.

  2. Weeding out the buyers from the looky-loos 

    Most people won’t buy from you… that’s just the nature of business. Most business have 10 times, 20 times or even higher number of people ‘browsing’ before they buy.That’s just the nature of business. This is true for your business also.

    So your machine must weed out the looky-loos (people who’re just ‘browsing’) from the ones who are there to buy.

  3. Talk to the customers explaining to them what you have 

    Next this machine must explain to the customers what you’ve got for them.Letting them know exactly what you’re selling, it’s features, it’s benefits, why they should buy from you… plus answer all the questions that your customer might have for you.

    Again, if you were doing all of this – it would suck the energy right out of you.

  4. Help your customers select the right product or service appropriate to them 

    Most of the time your customers won’t know what’s best for them.Sometimes they will think product A is better, or that they need service GG… however as an expert you will know much better what they need, and how they will benefit from selecting the right service.

    This machine must do that for you… helping your customer select the right service or product for them.

  5. Collect the money and deliver the product that your customers selected 

    This is the most important part of the business. Making the cash register ring. Collecting the money.Putting the moolah in your pocket, and your machine must do this also.

    If you have to sit there collecting the money, and delivering the product you won’t be able to do the things that you’re truly passionate about.

So let’s break each of these 5 functions of the machine and take a look at how you can do that… the tools that you will need and what you must do.

How To Setup The Machine That Makes Cash Out Of Your Passion

Now that we know the 5 functions of the machine we can figure out the right tools to use in each situation that help us get the job done without spending too much time in putting together the machine in the first place.

Within each of the function you can spend days thinking about whether it is perfect or not.


The first time you do anything it won’t EVER be perfect. You must let that perfection go. We’ve talked about this before, but this is so important that you must understand this.

Perfection is for losers who want to have an excuse for not getting started.

You’re a winner. You’ve come this far… and most people don’t even get started. Just by doing that you’re already a winner and miles ahead of people ‘thinking’ about getting started.

So, with each of the functions in this business just get started. Do it first. Get it out there. Then start tweaking and make it better with each iteration.

Take one day per function set it up and let it run.

Then you can come back after a week, test and tweak to make it better. You can keep doing this every week… and if you improve each of the 5 functions by 2% each week and nothing more… you will quickly double your results in 7 weeks.

All functions put together will improve your results 10%… and in 7 weeks your entire business will double.

In less than 50 days.

And you can keep doing it over and over again… doubling your results every week just by 10% improvement.

Lets look at

The Tools For Creating Your Machine

  1. Use This Tool To Get Your Customers To Show Up At Your Virtual Door
    There are a lot of ways you can do that… but to start we want to get results quickly and reliably. Plus we want to know how much each customer is costing us to get in the door.The only way to do that is through paid advertising. And the best paid advertising at this point is Facebook.

    Facebook is great because it lets you control everything about your marketing from the demographic, the interest, age, location, connected pages, and behaviour of your customers.

    This is all information that we’ve already thought about in Step 4 and this is where we use. To get customer to show up at our door…

    But before we can do that… we need to setup a virtual door for our customers to show up, and we need to week out the buyers from the looky-loos.

    Let’s look at how you setup your virtual door and weed out the looky-loos.

  2. The Ultimate Tool To Weed Out The Looky-Loos From The Buyers
    95% of your customers won’t ever buy anything from you. This is just a fact of life… but how to you know which 95% won’t buy and which 5% will buy.Well, we setup up a virtual door making our customers either come in through the door or leaving… this virtual door not only allows us to send all our customers to our place of business but also weeds out the buyers.

    To do that we use something called an Opt-In page. Where your customers will enter their email address and name to get something in return for that trust.

    To do this we use a tool called LeadPages.net which helps us create the virtual door and let the buyer in and everyone else out… but it doesn’t end there.

    Everyone that comes in must have a conversation with you where you tell them what you have for them and how it will benefit them…

    But before you can do any of that… you need to start a regular conversation letting them know that you’re on their side… you need to

  3. The Greatest Tool To Let You Talk To Your Customers
    This is the place where you will build a relationship with your customers. Remember, that customers buy from people they like and trust.That trust can only be built up with your customers through the stories that you tell them, and by letting them know that you’re on their side… by showing them all the good stuff you have for them…

    … and by actually helping your customers even before they ask for your help.

    Literally helping them out for REAL. REAL REAL. Just being a good samaritan.

    We do this by keeping in touch with our customers through email using a service called an autoresponder service.

    An autoresponder allows each of your customer to receive an email on a specific time each day based on when you want them to receive this email.

    The best autoresponder service that you can use is aweber.com which has been around forever.

    But once you have this service… what do you do next.

  4. The Simple Tool To Help Your Customers Decide
    This is a simple tool that will help your customer decide… and that is giving them the option to pick what they want based on complete information.Most people don’t know what is good for them and won’t be able to tell you what they want… however if you give them the choices between a few things… they will be able to pick the best option for themselves.

    We do this using Aweber and sending them emails about different products and services that we have… but keep in mind you’re doing this after you’ve helped them for some time… after you’ve built the trust with them…

    Then you share with them the products that you have that would benefit them further in their journey.

    Share with them each product explaining in detail how they can benefit from it, and what it will do for them.

    Once you’ve done that – they will be able to select this product themselves….

    This is more of a process than a tool… sending them the product offers and letting them decide… however it is still a function of your business that you must conquer and incorporate in your business.

    Finally we get to the fun part – collecting the money.

  5. The Universal Tool For Collecting The Money
    When you’re initially starting out the best tool to use is Paypal. In fact even as you grow in your business keep using PayPal since it is such a huge provider of merchant services on the internet.It has been around for the longest time and is trustworthy. Most of your customers will be able to use it and pay you quickly and instantly. Plus you can use PayPal to integrate with other services and deliver your products to your customers directly.

    But to start, just using PayPal you’ll be able to deliver products through Aweber.

    Remember we’ll improve everything as we go along the way – get started first.

Finally now that you know all of the tools and the functions in the machine…

What Do You Do Next

The next step for you to do setup the machine for yourself. Start with a paper and pen just so you can map out exactly what will be in your machine.

The pages that you need to create using Leadpages, then think about the emails that you might have to write to setup your Aweber account.

Next chart out the details of what your customer needs to know to make an educated decision to invest with you.

Finally create a first product and setup the payment information using PayPal.

I know at this point this might sound like too much… and you might be thinking I won’t be able to do this… but I assure you its easier than you’re thinking.
Tomorrow I’ll share with you something really important… plus I need to ask you a favour… but  it’ll have to be tomorrow.

Finish up with creating an outline of your machine today… and I’ll talk to you tomorrow.




  1. facebook.com – the only source of traffic you will need for the foreseeable future.
  2. godaddy.com – to get your first website, get the first one that you think about… we’ll get better with these later
  3. aweber.com – using email marketing to get your customers acquainted with what you have to sell.
  4. leadpages.net – forget stupid coding, webpages that do everything for you from the get go.
  5. paypal.com – how to get paid for your products and services and deliver them.

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