“Who Else Wants To Master A Simple Story Telling Formula That Sells - Even If You’re Not A Salesman, Have Never Sold Anything In Your Life, And Don’t Know Where To Start?”

From The Desk Of: Riz Aseem

Riz PictureStarting to sell something that you love, but not getting any sales is painful.  You might have done this before yourself, where you created something with a lot of love and care, but no one was buying.

Today you’re going to master the simple story telling formula that will sell every product you create if you follow this formula.

You’ll be able to quickly get your audience to connect with you, understand where you’re coming from, and share with them how you changed your life around… mastering just this simple formula will help you quickly start selling, and turning your passion in to money quickly.

If you don’t follow this formula you will waste your time and your money coming up with ideas that don’t work. Even when you have a brilliant product, an amazing passion, and the will to move everything forward, you will not see sales.

So let’s look at

The Amazing Formula To Create Messages That Sell

This is the core of everything that you need .

There is a saying that veteran businessmen use, “Nothing happens until something gets sold”… what this means is that you don’t get to do the things that you love to do until you sell something.

Once you’ve sold your service, your product… or what you do to someone else… it’s then that you get to do the service.

For example… if you love to paint… you can paint all day but if no one is buying your paintings there will come a time when you won’t be able to paint due to a lack of funds.

However, think about Michelangelo who painted the Sistine Chapel. He loved to paint also… but he figure out how to sell his service to the church before painting… then he just had to paint.

Today we’re going to look at how you can sell your services before you even do them… this helps because them you can go out there and do the service while you’re paid for it… instead of being a broke artist as most people are.

But before I tell you how to sell your services…


Most people tend to think that they can create something great and people will just flock to it. The myth is ‘if you build it they will come’. This is a myth.

In today’s world it wont matter what you build unless you actually find people who are going to pay for it… and then you sell them.

How you find people to buy your stuff has already been covered, and tomorrow I’ll share with you how to get people to show up at your door (virtual, or real) but for now, remember that you have to sell them.

But, most advertising that you see does not work… in fact most of the media campaigns that are run by big companies don’t make a cent. TV advertising does not work, neither does most of the newspaper advertising or even radio and internet advertising does not work.

Not because these medium of advertising don’t work, but because of the advertiser not using the right kind of message to sell their products.

But what is the right kind of message?

The right message is something that makes your prospect stop cold in her tracks, read your message and then take out her wallet and pay you for what you’re selling.

Most advertising is so vague that you won’t be able to guess by the end of it, what it’s all about.

And vague advertising does not sell anything.

So let me share with you,

The Amazing Formula To Creating Sales Messages That Sell

This is something that has been around since the 19th century. In fact many, many, many books have been writing about advertising, and scientific advertising… meaning advertising that actually sells your products.

Most people will never know about them, and will never hear about them. If you only follow what you discover today you will be ahead of 95% of the people out there.

And you will wipe the floor with your competition by doing what you discover here.

But before I tell you the exact formula, I have to share with you a few concepts.

Let’s look at the first one

Entertainment Value Of Messages

Most people spend their time being entertained… and would rather be entertained than educated.

In fact, the great Walt Disney said, “I would rather entertain people in the hope that they get educated – then educate them in the hope that they get entertained…”

… or something to that effect… what he was saying was that if you want to make money, entertain your audience, and hope that your audience takes some educated result out of that, rather than educating them.

In our context, we have to entertain and educate our audience.

We have to entertain them so they connect, and read our message and then we have to educate them about our product… or service.

The second concept that I want to talk to you about is

Story Selling

Most people connect with stories more than fact. Think about the things that you might have learned in geography in 6th grade. Chances are you don’t remember anything.

But think about the folk stories that you heard growing up… chances are you could come up with all of them…. not just folk stories, think about Disney stories… I doubt there is anyone who’s heard of Disney and can’t tell the stories.

So most people will remember stories, long after they forget most of the facts… people remember stories more than they remember facts.

Finally there is another concept which is

People Buy And Connect With Other People

What this means is that if you’re selling something chances are the people buying from you are buying from you… not from your company.

They talk to you and like you and want to buy what you’re selling… not because your company has ‘value’ and slogans.

Most people wouldn’t give a rat’s ass about what the company slogan is… but they would care about the sales representatives birthdays.

This is true whether you’re selling things on the internet, door to door, or over the counter… if someone likes you and can connect with you they are more likely to buy from you.

Now that we know these three concepts, lets layer them together.

By layer them together we come up with this… if you tell your own story such that other people can connect with what you’re saying in the form of an entertaining educating structure they are more likely to buy from  you.

Now telling stories itself is an art… and I’ll share with you how you can tell better stories in a few days… but for now remember you have to tell a story.

But that’s not all… you also have to come up with a complete message.


The Simple Formula For Creating Messages That Sell

Now to simplify all the concepts that I shared with you above and over the last few days I’ve come up with 14 questions that you can answer and string together to create a message that sells.

The more you personalize this to your audience and yourself the better the results will be.

Here are the 14 questions… don’t worry too much about how to answer them, or whether what you’re saying is right or wrong… just answer them.

Go ahead and answer the following questions

  1. Who you are and what you are going to share with them?

Tell them who you are, and what your story is. Be quick about it. Then tell them what you want to tell them.

2. How you tried everything and failed?

Here you are sharing with them all the things that you might’ve tried before but you failed. This helps your audience connect with your failure to success story, and makes you one of them. Someone who is struggling, or has struggled in the past.

3. What were some methods that you tried but did not work for you?

Tell them exactly some of the methods that you’ve tried before that haven’t worked for you. Chances are your audience has also tried them and they didn’t work for your audience also.

4. How you were finally able to figure out what you were doing wrong and fix it?

Now if you’re successful… even mildly in your passion… than that’s a success. You must’ve done something different, something changed inside you, a mindset shift or something or the other… Share with them this shift and how you were able to figure this thing out.

You don’t have to reveal what the ‘thing’ was… but you have to share with you, how you were able to conclude that this was the things that you had to fix.

5. How you made this into a system?

Next tell them how you made this into a system that worked for you consistently. Chances are if you figured out something different in your ‘thing’ than you probably used it more than once, and created a system for you to use it over and over again.

Tell you audience about how you created this system.

6. Why you are sharing this system with them?

Now you want to tell your audience why you’re sharing your system. If this is such a big deal, why are you sharing it.

Its my belief that most people really want to help other people. That’s probably the reason you’re sharing it… plus if you’ve struggled in your life, you don’t want others to struggle… and that’s probably why you’re sharing this.

Tell them how you struggled and the story behind why you’re sharing your system.

7. What the system is and what it will do for them, what are the benefits they will get, what problems will they solve?

Now comes the meat of the message. Tell them what the system, what’s the name of the system… what are the benefits of using the system… what’s the ‘thing’ that you’re selling them… and what problems this system will solve.

You might have to spend some time thinking about this… but it is well worth it.

8. What they will get in this system, what is the product that you are giving them?

Now tell them what are the things included in the system. What is the system made of… is it CDs, online courses… written instructions….etc.

This is important.

Don’t hold yourself back, you want to tell them everything about this system… how many modules, how many PDF… how many hours… etc. etc.

Give your audience all the details.

9. What is your guarantee? (Make this an unconditional 100% 90 day money back guarantee)

We live in an extremely skeptical world where everyone has been burned once or twice… and most people don’t trust anything.
The media lies, the politicians lie, heck even parents lie every now and then… so most people are weary of listening to others, and believing them.

So this is the place where you give them a 100% money back guarantee… you’re putting your money on the line, because you believe in your product… plus think about it from their perspective…

If you were them, wouldn’t you feel better if you go the guarantee.

10. How much money would it cost them if they spent the time in their life to figure it out themselves?

Now tell them how much would it cost them if they had to figure out the system for themselves… you’re doing this to set a frame.

You’re letting them know the cost of them not buying your system. The cost of not investing in your thing… which might take them years of work just to figure out the basic… but you’re shortcutting their learning curve.

11. How much time they can save by investing in your solution?

Now tell them the amount of time they would save by investing in your solution. Remember most people do things either to save money, make money or save time and energy.

That’s hardwired into our minds. If we can do something faster, we won’t take the longer route.

If something costs us less, we won’t pay more for it. That’s just the way we are built… but you have to tell your audience this.

Most people won’t figure it out themselves. So you have to tell them.

12. What is the investment that they can get this solution for? (Try one payment of $997 and 3 Payments of $397 per month.

Here tell them the enrolment fee that it will cost to get into your program…. Don’t belabour the point, just come right out and tell them.

Whatever price point you have have a few payment options… this is another thing that you will test… I’ll tell you more about this later…. but for now you want to start with something.

13. Why they should buy immediately?

Most people will forget what you said to them in the sales message if you let them think about it for too long, so give them a reason to buy now.

A reason to buy immediately could be a special price that you’re offering, or a bonus product, or a special class etc.

But you have to have a a reason to buy now… even it is as silly as because you only offer this course in the summer… and last you checked today was the last day of summer.

Then tell them to buy now.

14. Re-iterate what results they will get, how much they will pay today, and the guarantee that you are providing them

Finally in a few sentences the them again the results that they are going to get, how much they will pay today, and the guarantee that you’ve giving them. This is to hit home the important points of the message one more time.

Just in case people have skipped over your message they can get it one more time, or if they didn’t understand the first time you get them this time.

Now I’d say that I’ll give you five minutes to answer these questions but that wouldn’t be accurate.

I want you to schedule yourself in for 2 hours in today. Lock yourself in the room, skip dinner if you have to… but write the answer to these questions.

And just doing this will give you a working sales message that will start getting some people in the door for you… and making sales.

There is nothing better than delivering a service and receiving money for it.

And once you answer these questions you will quickly see the sales rolling in.

But there is one this that you’ll have to do before you put the sales message online… this is the final component to making this formula really work and go off to the races… come back tomorrow and I’ll tell you what that one components is…

In the meantime, go ahead and write out your first sales message… and I’ll see you tomorrow.




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