"The Simple Technique To Get Your Tribe To Share With You The Exact Problem It Is Having, And Tell You The PERFECT Solution That It Is Looking For - Most Rookies Get This Wrong!"

From The Desk Of: Riz Aseem

Riz PictureWhen I first started out wanting to make money from my passion I made all the mistakes that a rookie would make.

This caused me to spend more time and money than was necessary… on things that I did not need… and ended up spinning my wheels without getting any results.

It wasn’t until I learned… truly understood the simple technique that I’m going to share with you today that I was able to make an extra income on the side.

Today you will discover the simple technique that you can use starting right now to find out what your tribe is looking for…

… this technique will force your tribe to tell you exactly what their problem is… what they want to buy… and what you should say to them to sell them a solution.


What you’re about to discover is so simple that most people completely ignore it and decide to go at it the hard way… it’s like going to a magic shop… learning the magic trick and then not using it…

… because its TOO simple.

If you don’t use what I tell you… you will spend your time trying to come up with “elegant solutions” that no one wants to buy… and you’ll waste your time and energy… lose out on money and your motivation… and ultimately fail.

If you do use what I share with you here, you will quickly discover that your market starts treating you like the leader that you are… showering you with their love and attention.

Your tribe will treat you like a genius, and tell you all the good things that you’ve always wanted to hear… additionally you will being love and joy to other peoples lives, while doing the very thing that you LOVE to do.

It will almost seem like magical to your audience the way you help them do the things that you’re going to show them… but for you it will be a simple step by step process to helping them achieve the things that they want to achieve.

Ultimately you will gain all the success that you’ve wanted, doing the things that you love to do, while avoiding the pain and failures that you want to avoid.

Before I tell you the exact steps to take to get your tribe to tell you what they want… let’s look at

The 4 Horsemen Of Failure – Avoid These Rookie Mistakes

These are mistakes most people make when they are just starting out… its not intentional, but 99% people make these same mistakes because of the way we are educated…

… it’s really not your fault… but knowing these four horsemen will help you avoid the mistakes that other rookies make…  and leap frog to success quickly and easily.

Horseman of Failure #1 Selling “need” vs “want”

Have you ever tried telling your wife what she “needs to do”… doesn’t go over too well does it. Most people don’t buy a Mercedes because the need the extra luxury… but because they want it. A Hyundai can do the same job a Mercedes can which is to take you from point A to point B.

However if you want to buy a Mercedes, a Hyundai isn’t even an option.

That’s what you have to start doing… selling the thing that people want… even if they need something else.

Sell what the customer wants to buy… not what you think the customer needs. Sure ethically you still must give them what they need also… but sell them what they want.

If you sell them just what they need you will lose, however when you start giving people what they want, they will beat a path to your door with their money in their hands.

Giving them what they need, means that you include the “necessary things” that will help them as part of the product… that you sell… but always talk about the parts of the product that they want to buy.

No one talk about airbags in a Ferrari… (does a Ferrari even have air bags?) … but what they talk about is how it goes from 0 – 60 in 3.2 seconds and will have the skirts flying off the girls by the sidewalk.

How often will anyone buying a Ferrari actually test whether it did 0 – 60mph in 3.2 seconds… never. Heck guys who buy Ferrari’s are scared shitless of actually scratching it… but that’s the part that sells.

Talk to what customers want to buy and not what they need.

Horseman of Failure #2 Thinking you have to come up with something new or novel

Steve Jobs did not invent the smartphone, neither did Apple invent a smart watch. Both of them existed for years before they even came up with one.

Now I won’t argue with you about the fact that they did make it better… but for the most part the idea of a smartphone already existed… it wasn’t new.

There’s actually a documentary about everything being a remix in the world… where a person takes a portion of one thing and combines it with another to come up with something new.

All innovation is based on improving pre-existing ideas. Sure, there are a few ideas which are completely new… but for the most part, every thing is being improved consistently over a long period of time, with small increments.

Here’s another one for you… the cool coffee shops idea that Starbucks popularized was not an original idea… it came from coffee shops in Italy. (This example has been quoted so many times by everyone and their grand-dad that I feel old just saying it.)

But remember, you don’t have to come up with a new, novel idea… the pie is big enough for everyone to eat… (and seriously have you ever tried eating a whole pie…)

For now remember, you don’t have to come up with anything new… you can use what someone else has created… with a caveat… which is

Horseman of Failure #3 Copying someone else instead of sharing your story

You can use someone else idea… but you can’t use their story. Not only because that would be illegal, but also because it won’t be your story.

People buy people, they want to hear about you… How you failed. How you succeeded.

What you did to get to where you are…

… even if you’re just a few steps ahead of everyone else… share your story… don’t copy anyone else.

There are two benefits of sharing your own story…

… first, its authentic. So you never sound like a fake.

… second, its your story. So no one else can steal it. It will be original and it will connect to your audience.

Be yourself… and share your story of failure to success.

But that being said, there is a right way of sharing your story and a wrong way… I’ll show you tomorrow how to share your story… for now remember that you do have to share your own story.

Now for the final

Horseman of Failure #4 Waiting to be perfect… and not starting now

Nothing in this world is perfect, everything evolves gradually over time.

What this means is that every thing that you see today that looks perfect, started out with being imperfect and improving over time.

This is another thing that schooling gets in our head… that we have to get it right the first time… or else you fail and have to repeat the class, take summer school, or whatever other nonsense.

Being perfect on the first try is only something that you have to do in school… and it sucks… In the real world everything improves over time.

So you don’t have to be perfect. You don’t even have to be good.

You have to be good enough. Meaning you have to be better than the people you’re helping out so as not to get slaughtered. But that’s about it. And if you do what I’ve shared with you so far you will not only be good enough, you will be GREAT and will be WAAAAAY ahead of 99% of the people…

… the only thing stopping you now is just to start.

Starting is more important than being perfect, or even good. You have to start.

I’ll show in the upcoming days exactly how you start… but for now remember that you have to start, and get going, otherwise you’re just sitting there on the sidelines.

Get in the ring is the analogy… sure you might get hit a few times… but it’s in the ring that you learn, become stronger and eventually become a champion… you can’t become a champion just by learning from the sidelines…

You have to get in the ring… even if you suck… and you’ll discover quickly that even when you start from a place where you know only just a little bit more than others… you can still help hundreds of thousands of people and make some serious money.

Now that we’ve got the Four Horsemen of Failure out of the way lets get back to

The Simple Technique To Get Your Audience To Tell You What They Want

Are you ready for this… here is the simple technique to get your audience to tell you exactly what they want to buy.

Ask them.

I know this just goes against all wisdom… but just asking people what they are struggling with, and then listening to them will get you further in life than anything else.

This is like a magic trick. Right now you’re probably feeling a little big disappointed because there wasn’t a secret red button on the internet that you could press and all the answer would spew out…

… but hold on there… you’re discounting this a bit too much. This is the secret button on the internet you’ve been looking for…

Asking your audience what they want help with… but that’s not all… ask them specific question on what they are struggling with… then ask them what would help them solve this problem.

Most people will tell you both… intact they will tell you in the exact words that they want the answer in.

This is the trick behind the trick. This is the holy grail. Most rookies will read this, listen to this, then discard this saying, ‘this won’t ever work’… or ‘this is too simple, everyone will see through this…’

No, it isn’t.

Because most people are so concerned with what they want in life they never stop to ask other people what that other person wants in life.

Once you do just this… and then show that other person how to achieve this this… you’re golden.

But, I don’t want to share with you just one technique… specially since asking is not everyone’s cup of tea.

So if you’re afraid of asking then let me share with you a few more things that you can do. However asking is infinitely better than any of these.

Read magazines, websites, online forums, Q&A websites and other material related to your passion.

It doesn’t matter what you love to do… chances are there is an online forum for it, and greater chances are there is a magazine for it also.

All you have to do is read what is being written about your passion in those magazines, and the questions the readers and subscribers ask on the forum threads.

Then once you know what other people are asking, that’s what you want to sell them.

That’s the solution that you want to create. Doesn’t matter if you have it right now or not… but that is the solution that you create, and need to create.

Most solution though are easier to create. You can do this by reading a few books about your subject matter, and then condensing the knowledge into a few hours of training.

Here’s the best part – you can even give credit to all the books that you used as a reference, and it won’t take away from  your expertise. It will only make you smarter.

Here’s why… most people don’t read. In fact most people stop reading anything once they leave college and don’t pick up a single book.

But if you can pick up a book and then go through it to distill all the knowledge in it – you will quickly become the go-to person for that subject matter… even while other experts are writing about this topic.

So let’s quickly review…

Here’s what we learned today…

Give people what they WANT not what they need.

You don’t need a new idea or novel way of doing things.

You have to share your own failure to success story.

You have to start.

Plus… the best way of finding out what people want is by ASKING.

Now that you know the amazing technique to figuring out what your tribe wants, the next step is to actually get them to give you money for the solution.

There is a right way to do it and there is the way that most people do it… I’ll share with you tomorrow the right way to give people the solution so they beat a path to your doorway with their wallets in hand.

For now, go ahead and look for the people who are looking for solutions. Go out find a forum in your passion and see what people are talking about.

Discover their problems, and take five minutes to write out what they want. Put it in a piece of paper. Then write down what they need… this is very important.

This will help you wrap your mind around the concepts we talked about today… and will get you to think in terms of your tribe and what your tribe is looking for.

So go ahead do that now… and I’ll talk to you tomorrow.




Additional Reading:

  1. Buyology: Truth and Lies About Why We Buy by Martin Lindstorm
  2. Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions by Dan Ariely
  3. Permission Marketing: Turning Strangers into Friends and Friends into Customers by Seth Godin
  4. The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference by Malcolm Gladwell