"Who Else Wants To Discover The Amazing Formula For Turning Your Passion Into Hard Cash, Without Wasting Your Time And Money On Useless Things That Don’t Work?"

From The Desk Of: Riz Aseem

Riz PictureI made some stupid decisions in my life resulting in me losing all my life savings, being jobless and having to live with my parents-in-law.

I couldn’t face my family, my friends, and didn’t want to meet anyone. On top of that my credit card debt was piling on as I tried to get my life together.

Nothing was working… until I discovered this one secret that truly turned my life around.

This is a simple formula that you can use to turn your passion into cold hard cash, without wasting your time, energy or money on useless things and courses that don’t work.

But before I tell you more about this formula

A Word Of Warning!!!

What I’m about to share with you is profoundly powerful… however it is insanely simple at the same time.

Because it is insanely simple most people reject it as being foolish, or just another thing useless thing that looks good on paper but doesn’t work in real life.

The truth is for it to work… you will have to work it… but it won’t require intense concentration on your part, nor will it require you to have conversations with yourself pretending that there is someone in your head controlling you.

What it will require is that you follow what I share with you

If you don’t follow this you will learn that your family starts treating you like a loser. Your friends avoid you, and you will lose all power that you may have had.

Ultimately you will be treated like a has-been.

If you do follow this you will notice that your mood is elevating, you will have a jump in your step. Your family will start looking up to you and shower you with their love and affection.

You will make friends instantly wherever you go, and they will flock towards you even while you have no idea why other people have suddenly become attracted to you.

Ultimately you will become the success that you’ve always wanted to become, you will gain the achievements that you want, and avoid the pain of failure that you’re feeling.

Before I tell you more about how to turn your life around there are a few concepts that you need to understand… without understanding these concepts you won’t be able to turn your life around… no matter how hard you try.

So let’s look at

The Simple Formula To Turn Your Passion Into Cold Hard Cash

Whatever you’re passionate about, chances are you are either already very good at it or you’re not but are willing to get good at it.

If you aren’t good at it, here’s how you can become insanely good at doing your passion over the next 30 days.

You don’t have to become a pro… but you have to become good at what your passion is… I’ll share with you in a moment why this is important (it will blow your mind) but for now since this is your passion, I’m sure you’re looking to do more of it.

Step 1: Master Your Passion

Before you can turn your passion into cash you must master it… but mastering it does not mean that you spend the next 10 years in isolation learning it while you go broke… but it does mean that you actually spend time practicing and indulging in your passion.

Here’s how to spend your time indulging in your passion

Spend 30 minutes in the morning right after you wake up and 30 minutes at night before you go to bed practicing what you love to do.

If it is painting… spend 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes at night… this is what I call the Dawn & Dusk Rule.
This will help your learning curve tremendously because when you sleep at night your learn all the things that you practice right before you go to bed.

Then when you practice right after you wake up your body can use the assimilated knowledge from the night before into practice improving you even more.

Now over the next 30 days by practicing your passion day and night you will quickly become excellent at it… you won’t be a professional yet, but you will become outstandingly better than anyone else around you.

This is primarily because most people don’t have the discipline to do the things that they say they love to do… they just like to say that they love to do the things.

However, if you will be the person who spends the time each day for the next 30 days you will in fact become better than 95% of all the people out there. Just because you actually spent the time doing it.

You will learn the nuances of your passion, things to look out for, what to do what not to do… what are the hurdles along the way… and how you over come them.

Now while you’re practicing your passion notice a few things that happen and document them in a journal. You don’t need to go all fancy a simple writing pad will do… but documentation is very necessary.

Firstly, documentation will help you find out where you’re struggling yourself and help you improve.

Secondly, the places where you’re struggling is where everyone else is probably also struggling… and you can help others.

Now before we go too long into improving your passion… I have to share a very important concept with you.

Step 2: Learn The Truth About Money

Most people get money wrong… they don’t understand what money is… especially since we are so far removed from what money really is.

Before we had paper money, we had coins, and before that we had other items that two people could exchange with each other.

That’s the key… exchange. Money is the exchange of value between two people.

As an example think of person A having something of value that person B wants to buy. Person B has the money, but wants something that will benefit him more than the money.

This something is what person A has. Person B wants to give person A the money and get the value in exchange.

As soon as you understand this you know that the only way you can get money is by giving someone more value then the money that you receive.

Money isn’t real… the value behind the money is real. If you can create the value… the money will follow.

Step 3: Become The Person Getting All The Money

So to be the person who gets all the money you have to become the person who will deliver a value to someone else.

In our context, it has to be from your passion, so you have to deliver the value to other people who share the same passion as you… which is easy.

Because most people are just starting out in any thing… whatever your passion is, there are hundreds of thousands of people out there looking to learn how to do the same thing.

Since you’ve take the time to learn it, spending focused effort on how to overcome the initial hurdles that others are having you are now at a unique position to help other beginners.

Which means that you need to find other people who want to learn your passion, and then show them how to do it… the best thing is with the internet this is easier than every before.

You can spend a $100 on advertising your service on the internet and within a few days have your first client… but I’m getting ahead of myself… I’ll tell you more about how to do this in the upcoming few days.

Step 4: Think From A Beginners Point Of View

For now, you have to figure out the problems that you faced when you were just learning your passion… and think from a beginners point of view. Someone who might like to do this, but hasn’t spent the time like you have to learn the basics.

Now go ahead and write down ten problems that such a beginner might be having… and trust me, to you these problems won’t even seem like a problem so you will really have to dig deep.

As an example if you love photography… one thing that most beginners don’t know is a rule of thumb that most professional photographer call the “Shutter Speed Vs Focal Length Rule” which says the the shutter speed has to be at least as fast as the focal length of the lens.

So if you’re zoomed in on an object and your lens is at 105mm than your shutter speed must be faster than 1/105 second – typically it will be 1/125 seconds at this point.

If you’re not into photography than I probably lost you in the first few lines… but the point is talk about things like you were explaining to someone who is doing this activity for the very first time.

Think about problems that a 10 year old would ask you if she was just getting into this kind of thing.

Once you’ve mastered the skill of finding problems, and solving them for the beginners in your passion you can virtually print money all day long…. I’ll show you tomorrow how to do just that.

Step 5: Find People Looking For You

The internet has connected all of us, and while doing this it has created tremendous opportunities by allowing us to create online communities.

We don’t have to hang out with the kids we don’t like. We can go find other people who are like us, who like the things that we like, and are interested in the things that we are interested in.

This is true for any hobby, passion, or skill that you have. Whether you used it at work or not… you can find other people who are using that skill online.

If you’re a car enthusiast you can find other people talking about car, if you love photography there are other people talking about how to take pictures…

… but not just any kind of pictures, but within photography there are people who like to do wildlife… and within wildlife photography there are people who are experts in taking pictures of whales…

This is true for EVERY. SINGLE. THING.

On the internet there are a few billion people connected… each person is interested in a different thing… and all of them can now connect and talk about what specifically they are interested in.

This is the goldmine for us… within your passion there are people talking about different things… looking for different solution… interest in various aspects of that passion.

What you have to do is find them online… see where they hang out… talk about the problems they are having… and listen to them.

A few good ways to find them are Forums, Twitter Search, Quora Questions, Yahoo Answers and Facebook.

There is a conversation happening on these websites all the time with people looking for solution to one thing or the other all the time.

We can now eavesdrop and find out what others are talking about and how we can help them solve the problems they are having.

Step 6: Solve Their Problems

Zig Ziglar has a great quote, “You can get everything you want in life, if you will just help enough other people get what they want in life.”

This was a bit hard for me to understand when I heard it the very first time… I didn’t know how I could help other people… but now I get it.

All you have to do is go out there and help other people do what they want in life. In our context, we’ll help other people learn your passion.

If you wanted to do it… there are countless other people who want to do it also… we’ll help them learn this and do it for themselves… (I’ll show you tomorrow how you can create this solution for them)

Today, you’re focused on solving a problem for them… the audience that we discovered in step 5 is the one we’re going to help out… and we’re going to do it without asking for anything in return.

This is because the universe abhors a vacuum, and when you help someone without asking for anything in return you create a vacuum. That the universe will fill by sending you more people to help, and more money.

For now we’re going to think about how we can help more and more people… in the next few days I’ll show you how you can help them… and the actual mechanics of getting the money.

What To Do Next To Turn Your Passion Into Hard Cash

I was talking to one of my clients today who said that she had tried to make it work… but it didn’t… I asked her how much time she had spent in “putting this to work…” she went quiet.

I know for a fact, she planned for 6 months and implemented one thing for three days and was expecting her business to double… on a $100 marketing budget… the first time she was doing it…

I’m not Aladdin, and I don’t have a magic lamp… neither do I have a crystal ball… but I can betcha if you plan for 6 months and implement for 3 days you will fail.

I know because for the longest time that was what I was doing… planning… planning… planning… and more planning… and implemented things for a few hours and then decided that nothing works…

So I have to tell you if you plan on everything that I’ve shared with you and not put it into action, then you will fail.

Here’s a simple ratio for how much time you should now put into your education and planning vs how much time you spend on implementing.

For every hour you spend educating yourself spend one hour on planning your business.

However, for every hour you spend in planning spend 5 hours in implementing. The more hours you put in implementing what you’ve learned here and so far, the better results you will get.

As an example no one can learn to ride a bike or swim by reading about it on the internet, or watching other people do it… you have to go out there and actually do it for you to learn.

So far we’ve looked at the overview of how to identify a problem worth solving… tomorrow I’ll tell you how to create the solution… or better yet… get your market to create the solution for you… and then how to run towards you with money in hand begging you to take it.

Stay tuned…




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