"FINALLY REVEALED! The 3 Secret Questions That You Must Ask To Find Your Passion, Especially If You Have No Idea What You Love To Do, Or Don't Know What You're Good At"

From The Desk Of: Riz Aseem

Riz PictureI’ve done some very stupid things in my life thinking that they would help me find love and acceptance. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I realized I have to love myself, and find what I love that is most important.

Today – I want to share with you how to find what you love… even if you’ve been doing things to get acceptance from your friends and parents… even if you’ve never done anything that you truly wanted to do… even if you feel like you’re stuck in a life of someone else’s choosing.

I know how you feel. I’ve been there. And it doesn’t feel good at all.

But the good news is that you are now here… which means that you’ve already taken more steps than most people will in finding what they love to do and making a living out of it.

Today I’ll show you

The 3 Questions You Must Ask To Find Your Passion 

… And turn it into an extra $4,467 per month of income for you.

If you answer these 3 questions sincerely you will not only discover your passion but you will also become magnetic to everyone around you.

You will discover that when you start living your life with passion, doing something that you love to do… other people become attracted to you… you will become a natural leader without even trying.

Your friends and family will look up to you and treat you as a celebrity. Ultimately even though you will be doing something that you love… you will gain all the love and affection that you desire.

However, if you don’t answer these questions for yourself – you will keep drifting in life, not knowing what you truly love to do.

You might find some solace every now and then but it won’t last… you will jump from one job to another thinking that the new job will be right for you, but truly you will just be delaying the inevitable.

… Finding your passion and turning it into income is powerful. It is liberating. It will allow you to do the things that you want to do, and avoid the things that you hate.

But first…


Most people live mediocre lives. They are born to mediocre families, go to mediocre schools and do mediocre things.

When they grow up they think they are successful because they are making a mediocre living and able to sustain themselves.

This is the curse of modern living… where we applaud our kids for being mediocre, and scold them for wanting to do things that are extra-ordinary.

This is what is called the ‘Tall Poppy Syndrome’. Where anyone who is standing out from the crowed is chopped down… told to get back in line… or do things that they are told.

There was an evolutionary reason when this was applicable… if you went too far outside the village there were actual animals who would eat you and you would die.

But that time has long since passed… but the remnants of that thinking are still deeply embedded in human psyche.

This is what you were probably told when you were growing up, whenever you wanted to do something extraordinary, whenever you wanted to do the things that you wanted to do… and I bethcha you will still be told the same things.

Because of this syndrome, whenever you are thinking of trying something new, or do something out of the ordinary your friends and family will tell you that you are crazy… and you should not try this.

In the beginning you will be shunned when you try new things, you will be treated poorly when you do things out of the ordinary, you will be told that you should stick to the ‘script’ of life and not stray too much…

Ignore the mother f*%kers who say things like that… but better still – don’t even include them in  your dreams and plans.
Ignoring them will be harder than not telling them… I’ve tried them both… and when I don’t tell anyone my plans they become infinitely more successful.

Even though, we now live in a safe secure world where a tiger won’t eat us if we go out of the village. We won’t be persecuted for trying harder than anyone else, and we won’t be shunned for being extraordinary… at least not when we become successful.

However you will be severely persecuted for trying if you fail. So don’t tell anyone.

Become successful and everyone will beat a path to your door.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, lets look at

The Secret To Finding Your Passion (Or Finding The Hottest Chick In The Room)

Finding your passion is a little like finding your soulmate. You can’t ever be sure if you’ve found your soulmate… however you must keep trying.

On your way to finding your soulmate you will face some challenges, like rejection, or falling in love with the wrong person, or having a bad breakup…

But once you do find that one person you truly love… she becomes the hottest chick in the room. You suddenly have a new focus… all the other girls can keep trying but you’re locked in to the one that you truly love.

… Sure you might acknowledge the other girls in the room, but you’re very focused on the one that you love… and you wouldn’t even try flirting with another girl in the room.

That’s the power of finding your passion. Your true love in life… Now the question begs to be asked… how will you make money from your love… we’ll get to that in a little while… for now lets get going to

The 3 Questions You Must Ask To Find Your Passion

Each of these questions are designed to force you to think about your passion from a very different angle. This will force you to come up with something that you love to do even when you’ve never thought about it.

Before I share with you each of the questions I want to ask you to set aside 5 minutes to answer each of these questions. This will allow you to just blow through the answers without really thinking about what your answers really are.

… which is exactly what we want to do… write down the answers before our inner voice has a chance to judge our answers.

So set a timer for 5 minutes and then once you’ve read the questions spend 5 minutes to answer the question. Don’t censor yourself. Just write.

For each of these questions write down as many things as you can find… and then we’ll think about the one thing later… so don’t hold yourself back.

However… only write down stuff that you would like to do… you don’t have to be super passionate… but you must at least like them a little bit to want to do whatever you write.

Now on to the first question.

What would you do if you just discovered that you’ve won a million dollars? 

For now don’t worry about where that money is coming from… but think about what would you do for the next 10 years every day if you had just won a million dollars.

The reason I’m asking you to think about this for the next 10 years is this… a million dollars if you do nothing with it and just leave in the bank gives you roughly an annual income of a hundred thousand – or a monthly income of $8,333.

$8,000 for most people is where they would be comfortable, and perhaps even wealthy. $8,000 a month pays your rent, pays for your utilities, pays for your groceries, even pays for a car and other things that you might want to have…

What it does is leave you with an additional 8 hours a day to do whatever you want to do, instead of going to a day job that you hate…

But here’s the big rub… you have to do something…

So what would you do everyday (even if for a few hours a day) if you have a million dollars. Think about something that you would DO, not something that you would BUY.

It could be painting, or playing guitar, or teaching kids… whatever you think.

Now set the timer for 5 minutes and write like a beast about what you would DO. Then come back and I’ll share with you the next questions….

… Done writing… ?

… good…

Let’s move to the next question.

What do you like to do on Sundays?

This question forces you to think about things that you do on your day off. Typical there are two reasons why you will do something on your day off…

The first is because someone makes you do it…

… your wife asked you to do something

…. or the kids have been hounding you to do something with them

… or a good buddy asked you to help him out

… or your sh*tty boss forced you to take on an extra assignment

The second – and this is profoundly important – is because you FELT like doing it.

… you wanted to do it

… you feel great doing it

… you have fun

… you relax

This is the thing that we are looking for… the things that make you happy, that make you smile… the things that you do on a Sunday when no one is looking and you have YOURSELF to yourself.

This is the things that you like doing… it’s not necessary that you do them every Sunday… but given a choice, you would probably do them every Sunday, or even everyday.

So what is something that you do in your spare time?

Now set the timer for 5 minutes and write like a beast about what you would DO. Then come back and I’ll share with you the next questions….

… Done writing… ?

… good…

Let’s move to the final question.

What would you DO if you knew that you would not fail?

Most of the time we censor ourselves… not thinking about all the things that we can do… or not dreaming about the thinks that we can do.

This is primarily because we’re afraid of failing… afraid that if we fail someone will see us, make fun of us and embarrass us.

I feel like that all the time… but the truth is that the things that scare us the most… if we could be successful in them would bring the most joy to our lives.

I know you’ve been thinking about something in your life that you want to do but are afraid of doing because you don’t know whether you will succeed or not.

And I’m not talking about quitting your job (I’ll show you how to quit your job in the next few days) but for now think about that one thing that you would DO if you knew that you would not fail.

And there isn’t a right or wrong answer, there isn’t a perfect answer either… you might think of one thing, or you might think of ten things.

Whatever you think of is the right answer to start. But you have to start, and you have to write down your answers.

You have to become uncomfortable for just 5 minutes so you can write them down now. And we know once you’ve written something down the chances of it coming true are infinitely more than when  you have it up in your head.

So lets think about what you would do if you knew you would not fail?

Now set the timer for 5 minutes and write like a beast about what you would DO. Then come back and I’ll share with you the next questions….

… Done writing… ?

… good…

How To Find Your Passion Out Of All The Things Pulling At You

Now that you’ve answered the three questions… we have to select the one thing that we’ll be focusing on over the next few days to come up with an extra $4,467 per month on the side.

This is important because we can’t focus on everything all at once… but we can focus on one thing until completion.

Remember as a kid lighting paper on fire using a magnifying glass and the sun rays… you use the magnifying glass to focus the rays of the sun to one single spot and keep it there and in a couple of seconds the paper lights up…

This is what we’re going to do… focus all our energy and strength on one single idea until it lights up and creates an extra income for us on the side.

To do this, take the first thing that you wrote down – the first passion. Then go down the list of things and compare them to your next passion.

If you like the first better than the second – put a line across the second passion. The go to the third. Keep going down the list until you find one that you like better than the first… if you do… than that thing is your passion and you strike through the first.

Keep doing this until you run out of things and have one thing left. This one this is what we will focus on over the next few days… and I’ll show you how to turn this passion into an income for you.

(If you’re doing this on your computers use ‘strikethrough’ option on your word processor. We’ll be visiting the list again so you want to keep this list)

Keep doing this until you’ve got just the one left. This one is going to be THE one.

Final Word Of Caution

At this point you might be a little tired, your mind is probably screaming from all the hard work that you’ve done…

I want to congratulate you… and caution you.

First the congratulations on work well done. It isn’t easy to actually sit down and write all this stuff down… it take some guts… and I applaud you for a job well done.

Now for the word of caution – most people believe that passion is this mythical creature like a unicorn that if you find you’re lucky and if you don’t you have to keep looking for it.

The truth is your passion is something that you have to actively seek and develop it in yourself. Sure there is a starting point… you like somethings more than other… but that’s about it… there are slight degree of liking things…

Once you know what you like more than the other things you can develop this, mould it, and make it your super power. Once you make this into your super power you will be rewarded infinitely more than when you just started out.

So even if you think you don’t know your passion, or are unable to pick the one from the list we’ve made earlier… just pick the one that feels most right.

And I’m going to ask you to stick to this one passion for now. Your results will be tremendously large if you do this.

How To Turn Your Passion Into Money

Now that you’ve got your passion or at least have a rough idea of what you have an inkling for I can talk to you about how to make money…

This was necessary because we don’t want to get stuck where we started… in a job that we hate.

But there is a right way and a wrong way of turning your passion into money.

Most people don’t understand this… broke, destitute artists are an example of doing this the wrong way.

They love what they do… but they don’t know how to turn their passion into money… which is where we’re going toward.

Step 4: The Formula For Turning Your Passion Into Money

Tomorrow I’ll share exactly that with you.





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