Step 2: Gun-To-Your-Head Guide To Goal-Setting To Create An Extra $4,467 From Your Passion - Even If You Hate Goal-Setting And Never Stick To New Years Resolutions

From The Desk Of: Riz Aseem

Riz PictureWhen I was 14 years old I read a book by John Grisham that talked about hiding money in the Cayman Islands… and I thought all the money in the world was in there. I was a stupid kid… I know… but this got me to set a goal to go to the Cayman Islands.

I did every thing along the way and when I turned 26 I reached the Cayman Islands… only to be miserable… I was surrounded by hot girls wearing bikinis, clear blue ocean, white sand beaches… I was even making over $100,000 but I f*&king hated it…

It isn’t because there was anything wrong there… but I just hadn’t set the right goals… If only I knew then what I’m sharing with you today.

Gun To Your Head Guide To Goal-Setting 

I’d like to share with you the secret that I discovered… I call this Gun-To-Your-Head goal-setting which forces you to come up with the right goal as if there was a gun to your head.

If you use this techniques you won’t spend your time ‘thinking’ about your goals and instead get on with creating your goals and living them.

Even if you’ve never set a goal for yourself before, or you don’t know where to start, or you are never able to follow through with your goals…

Today you’re going to change all that…

Most people do goal setting wrong. They either think about goals from a 10% or 20% increase in their productivity, or income… which is all total bullsh*t.

If you set a small goal the chances of you achieving it are just as much as big goals… so what you want to do is set goals that are exciting enough for you to get moving…


This method that you’re going to discover is extremely simple, but requires you to do some work… but due to its simplicity most people have a tendency to ignore it. Or think that this might work for other people but wouldn’t work for you.

You will have to control yourself and make yourself follow this because just by following this process for the next few weeks and months you will get what you set your goals at.

However… here’s the word of warning… don’t tell ANYONE what you’re doing.

This is the worst mistake that most people make… if you tell someone two things will happen…

  1. Your goals will lose all their energy… and you won’t do the things that you need to do to achieve them.
  2. Or whoever you tell about this will poop on your ideas and tell you that it won’t work…

… either way the end result when you tell someone is that you won’t achieve your goals.

I’ll keep coming back to this theme every day… don’t tell anyone… don’t talk to anyone… don’t mention your dreams and goals to anyone…

Rather, take action on your goals.


Let your actions confirm your goals… Once you achieve your goals, everyone will know what you’re doing by looking at your success.

Your First Test To Achieving Your Goals

On your journey to achieving your goals you will have a number of tests… these test will determine whether you can achieve your goals.

As you overcome each of the test your chances of achieving your goals will increase exponentially… not just a multiple… but by a geometric scale.

There are two problems with this that you must overcome… the first is that you won’t ever know the number of test that you have to overcome before you achieve your goals… it could be 1 or it could be 100…

The only way to find out how many tests you have to overcome is by overcoming every test that comes in your way.

The second is even worse… you can only see the test in front of you… you usually won’t know any other test… just the one in front of you… once you’ve overcome this one test… then you can move on to the next…

Surprisingly as you finish one test, the next will become obvious to you automatically but never before… you might have a hint, or you might think about it… but for the most part you won’t actually know what the test is until you complete the one in front of you.

Which leads me to your actual test… which is to write all your goals down… You might have already written them down, but I’m going to ask you to write them down one more time.

This is so you’re crystal clear what you want in your life… and unless you know exactly where you’re going you won’t be able to get there.

You don’t have to take my word for it… but research suggests that people who have written goals achieve 10 times greater success in life than people who have goals but don’t write it.

And people who have goals achieve 10 times more in life than those who don’t have any goals at all.

So think about this for a minute. If you have goals and you don’t have them written down, you’re losing out on a huge percentage of the success that would be yours if you just wrote down those goals

Now that we have that out of the way… let’s look at

The Right Way Of Setting Your Goals 

In the last step we talked about how to have the right mindset… and how to think about being the kind of person you need to be… Your IDEAL SELF.

In this step we’ll look at what your ideal life will be like… and to get to the ideal life we’ll let all our inhibitions, our limiting beliefs, our limitation go.

If you live in a small over crowded house now… don’t think you have to live in a similar house… you can live where ever you want…

And so I want you to let go of all your inhibitions and limitation… and think about

The Perfect Day From Your Ideal Life

Think about a perfect day in your life 10 years from today… but when you’re thinking about this perfect day think in terms of everything already having come true for you… I know this is a bit circular and meta… but you must THINK of it first…

… you’ve probably heard this before “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve…” that’s by Napoleon Hill…

Let me put this in another way…

… For you to create anything… you need to think about that before… and believe that you can create it… then you will go create it.

This is what we’re doing in this step… we’re thinking about what you want to create 10 years down the line… every single thing…

But I’m going to tell you to set a timer for 5 minutes only… you have 5 minutes to come up with your ideal life… and whatever you write down in these 5 minutes will come true…

I want you to pick up a piece of paper right now and a pen… then imagine that this pen and paper is magical… whatever you write on this page will come true in 10 years… but you have only 5 minutes to write.

So go ahead set a timer and write it down in 5 minutes… what car do you drive, where do you live, who are your friends, how much money is in your bank account, how much money do you make a month… etc…

Keep writing…

What kind of clothes do you wear… where do you vacation… which school do your kids go to… what university are they planning to go to…

Keep writing…

…. Phew…

I know that was a lot of work… You had to think about a lot of things that you might not have… congratulations though… most people don’t get this far… and just by writing your goals down you’ve joined the elite few who will actually achieve your goals.

(If you didn’t write them… go ahead and do it now… I’ll wait)

Now that we’ve got your main 10 year goals in writing… we’ve got to switch gear…

You see… we can’t reach the top of the ladder without taking the first step…

Which is where I need to share with you

The 3 Foundational ‘Bullets’ For Gun To Your Head Goal Setting

Whenever you’re setting your goals you have to think about them on 3 tiers… these are what I call the 3 bullets.

If you don’t set them on these three levels you will lose. Your goals will either be too high or two low for your brain to comprehend or give a sh*t about.

If they are too high, your brain gives up to begin with and thinks about your goals as pipe dreams…

If they are too low, your brain thinks about them as being impotent and doesn’t care about achieving them.

This is where the three tiers come in, the three bullets… You have to bite each bullet one at a time.

You can’t bite the second bullet until you’ve bit the first… so let’s get to the first bullet.

The First Bullet Is ‘Security’

You need to have a level of security in your goals.

Here, we’ll look at a monetary goal… just because that’s what we’re talking about – but this is just as applicable to any other goals that you might have.

Security is what you need before you think about anything else. This is the baseline… if you accomplish just this goal you are secure.

This is the goal that pays for your monthly expenses, your food, rent, utilities…. just the bare minimum though.

This is the first goal. You need to set this right now or you won’t be able to move forward and actually do anything. If you’re not secure… if you’re living on your parents couch… or if you can’t afford to pay for yourself… this will absolutely liberate you.

So go ahead and think about these three things now… and write them down on a piece of paper. Just three things though… and write the exact amount.

These are your rent, your utilities and your food expenses. If you have these three things you will survive and not die… so this is abso-freaking-lutely importatnt.

Go ahead and write this down before moving one. This becomes your first tier goal.

The Second Bullet Is Comfort

Comfort is what you have after you have security… this is what you ave once you have security, but ONLY after you have security.

Things like a car to drive you around, the bigger house, watching movies in the theatre, vacationing etc. all of these things are the ‘comfort’ that you need after you have security.

This could be different for each of us… so you have to think about what it would be for you… but take a minute and write out these things.

Once you have a place to live… what kind of house would you like… do you want to live in a condo, a townhouse, or a 3 bedroom house.

This is not the place to think about the mansion with the swimming pool… just something that will allow you to have some more space and room in your own house.

A few extra rooms so you’re not bumping into everything.

Typically write down what it would cost you to have your own place, a new car, better food, some entertainment money, and extra money to buy yourself a suit or two.

You don’t have to go in too much detail… but if you remember from step 1 about what how you see yourself… then think about what you would be wearing, doing and driving now… so you can add all those things in this step.

At the very least have these 3 items in your list… mortgage for a house, lease of a new car, monthly entertainment amount that includes movies and eating out.

This is when you become a bit more comfortable – this amount is on top of your security amount  – add this amount to the security amount.

Go ahead and write that down now. This become your second tier goal.

The Third Bullet Is Wealth

This is the time when you start building some wealth in your life. Once you’ve got security and comfort that’s when you can actually build wealth.

The funny thing is most people will tell you wealth is build by going out and making a million dollar… but that’s bullsh*t… many people make millions of dollars but are so broke and stuck that they can’t even take a day off when they want to…

This is crazy… that’s not wealth… that’s just a way of thinking that you’re wealthy.

Wealth is when you have the time and the money to do the things that you want to do… not just buy the things that you want. But have the time to do the things when you want and not do the things that you don’t want to do…

Once we know all this then we’re going to find out the cost of each of these things – some of them will be monetary… so if you want a bentley you’ll probably have to pay for it.

Others will be time commitment… so if you want to learn to fly a plane, you’ll have to put the time in to learn how to fly the plane…

I’ll tell you more about this in a little while… but lets set a baseline for our wealth goal.

In this goal you’re going to think about the cool things that you’d like to do and have. You’re not just adding more things, but also more experiences in your life…

Think about a second or third house (that you get rent for), a second car for your wife, and a sports car for yourself, concert tickets each month, a vacation every other month, a shopping budget… all the things that you want… this is where they go.

Take 5 minutes… set a timer right now and then spend 5 minutes to set your wealth goals.
Remember you don’t have to get this perfectly… you just have to get it down in writing.

You’ve got to get this on writing… there is no getting away from this. Once you’ve got this in writing it’ll be a lot easier to make them real… and think of a plan to follow to get these goals to come true from your passion…

In the next few days I’ll share with you how to find your passion and how to make your goals come true using your passion.

Final Word of Caution

Less than 3% people ever set goal, let alone write them down… but the people who actually set goals and write them down are the ones who achieve things in life.

They are the ones who make things happen, who change the world, who get what they want in life.

Just by writing your goals you’ve become part of the 3% who achieve more in life than the rest of the 97%. And over the next few days I’ll share with you how you can become part of the 0.1% who make more money than 99.9% of the rest of the population.

Before I Let You Go

I mentioned earlier that I will show you how to make your goals come true using your passion…

Unfortunately more than 80% people do work that they hate in one form or another… they are not passionate about their work… and because of this lack of passion in their lives they end up having less freedom, joy, and LIFE in their lives.

Worst still is not knowing what you like to do, and how to make money from it.

Tomorrow I’ll share with you the three questions you must ask yourself to find out what your true passion is… and then I’ll show you how to make money from your passion…

Wait for my email to arrive tomorrow.




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