How to focus on one thing at a time

Finding focus is simple. Imagine for a second that all the work that you had to do today — you finish by 12pm.
All the reports filed, all the calls made, all the emails answered. What would you do next?
Would you go off play golf for the rest of the afternoon? would you talk to your friends and hang out at the pub? Or would you work on tomorrow’s task and get it done earlier?
Would it be a problem with your boss if you got your work done in half a day, what was taking other employees 2 days to do?
Don’t think it won’t cause you some worry….
In today’s post, you’ll discover a simple method that
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How a restaurant got 1,167 new leads in 47 days

In this post, you will discover a simple method to get more leads for your business. This is an ‘ancient’ method by our standards but one that still works if used properly.
You will learn how a mom and pop restaurant got an extra 1167 leads in less than 50 days (47 to be exact). And how this restaurant increased its revenue by a multiple of 10.
You might be thinking “Wait a minute — Riz, I don’t have a restaurant… how does this apply to me?” And that’s a good question.
This is a key principle of marketing. And of the method that I’m going to share with you. You can take out the restaurant business and adopt
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Top 7 Apps To Double Your Productivity

One of the biggest challenges that faces us every day is constant notifications. Emails, messages, and reminder on our devices.
On our phones. On our computers. In our inboxes. And even in our pockets.
The problem with this — you might lose sight of the goal and end up lost in all the things coming your way.
Today I want to share with you seven apps that have helped me double my productivity. These apps help me get more done in less time — and be stress-free, more.
These apps will help you become more productive — and focus on the right things.
Here are the top seven apps to double your productivity
1. Rescue Time = Track where you’re
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How to find more leads and clients for your business

Finding leads for your business is the holy grail. If you can find more leads for your business you can visually have your business run on all cylinders.

It’s not blogging. Or podcasting. Or social media. Or Linkedin. Or Twitter.

Its none of the above — but this tool alone will easily outshine any of the websites above in terms of generating more leads for your business and helping you find the ‘right’ people for your services.

This is an entirely FREE tool. You don’t have to pay a penny to access it — though you might have to spend 15 minutes of your time to get ‘access’ to it. (I’ll show you how in just a minute).

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Using Data To Find Your Best Clients

If I were to ask you, “who is your best customer?” would you be able to answer?

Would you have the right answer if we dug a little deeper?

When asked this question — most people talk about the customer that they have the best connection with. The person they are most comfortable getting a beer with, or a glass of wine. Most business-owners would say their best customer is the one they can ‘hang-out’ with.

The person they are most comfortable getting a beer with, or a glass of wine. Most business-owners would say their best customer is the one they can ‘hang-out’ with.

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