[case study] How a simple website change is getting me 65% more leads

Simple truth — your homepage gets more than 80% of all the visitors that come to your website.
Of those, 80% most will leave the website before doing anything. They won’t read your articles, they won’t contact you. They won’t even hit like on your latest post.
It is what it is.
What do you do with that — you create a flow on your website that gets the people visiting to do something.
We already know that 80% of the people will leave and never come back. Our job now becomes how do we interact with them such that they have at least an opportunity to hear from us.
At least that’s the theory.
How To Get More Leads
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What Are Some Tips To Concentrate On Your Work (Or When Reading Something)


“Wait, should we call someone — or just stand here staring…?”

“DAAAMMMNNNN!!!! The printer broke again. It won’t print anything. Can you do something about this?”

That’s a daily occurrence in offices. The printer breaks down – no one knows what to do. The entire department gets to fixing the printer.

No one knows how to fix it — but everyone does have an opinion on what to do.

“Hit the reset button”

“Try purging the print list — that worked for me last time”

“Turn the power off and then turn it back on”

“There could be paper stuck — did you take it out”

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How To Market Your Business Online

In this post, you will discover the exact steps to market your small business online.

You will also discover the BIGGEST mistake that business owners make when marketing their business online.

Finally, you will learn the three rules of marketing your business online — even if it is a local business.

Why You Must Read This Post

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You will spend your money with scam artists who don’t give you an actual return on your money. Forcing you to focus on ‘social media likes’ that don’t bring you money.

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How To ‘Force Yourself’ To Finish What You Start

Ever have one of those days when there is something that you have to finish — but you keep pushing it off.
That sales report you need to send out. The phone call you need to make. The contract you need to print. Or plain read that magazine that’s been sitting on your counter for three days.
Each time you look at it — you say to yourself, “Oh I should finish that…”
Then, “Uh… later… I still have some time — so let me got to this other ‘shiny-object.’
I don’t know about you — but that happens to me every day. Used to be worse… more about that in a minute.

How to get your name out there

Have you heard this before — to be successful in business you need to network. You need to get your ‘name’ out there.
The more your name is out there the more you will get customers. The more your name is in the market, the more you will attract clients.
So I started thinking — what does it mean to get your name out there — and how do you get your name out there in the first place.
I’m going to give you the actual letter we used — plus I’m going
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