[Study Faster] How To Read A Book In 90 Minutes (Or Less)

Today I want to show you how to study faster by reading an entire book in under 90 minutes.

In fact, depending on what you want to use the information for — you can read the book in as little as 20 minutes. And still keep most of the information from the book. You can study faster – much faster than you were ever taught.

This isn’t about speed-reading. This is about how to read and comprehend information faster.

Here’s why this is important

If we don’t learn to study faster — we will become overwhelmed with nonsense.

As most of us are bombarded with email, news, magazines, books, podcasts every day.

INFORMATION is thrown at us at lightning speed. … ... continue reading

How To Beat Your Competition Without Reducing Prices

“No — I don’t have the money to pay you $5,000”.

I’d just told my client that he would have to fork over five-grand for me to do his business plan.

Sh*t! Had I asked too much.

This was the first time I was doing a business plan for a startup. I’d done ones for bigger companies before — but was like a fish out of water for this one.

I didn’t know how to price my services — and I didn’t want to lose the client.

After all five grand is five grand.

“I’ve checked around and other people are willing to do this for $2,500 and less. Why are you charging $5,000 for the same thing?”

If your ... continue reading

7 Productivity Tips For Professionals And Business Owners



Today, you’ll discover the 7 productivity tips for professionals which have helped me become more productive. Including, the how I would cope working 60+ hours during tax season.

These tips helped me get more than 90% billables throughout the year. Which means that I would get more work that was making money vs other people in the office.

If you install these tips in your business and your life — you will increase your productivity.

Plus these are insanely simple tips. When I first heard them I thought, “this is stupid. This won’t work in my business.” So I decided to use them and make a fool of the person who initially suggested these to me.

Well — turns … ... continue reading

How To Focus When You Have Multiple Ideas

When I first started in business I had no focus. I would come up with an idea and two months later move on. I had many different ideas, each of them viable. I could not make up my mind which one to focus on. At one time I was working on 8 projects at the same time.

All of them validated to make money in the long term – but in the short-term, they weren’t doing too well.

It was at this point that I decided to seek out help from my mentor. What he told me changed my life….

A Lesson In Focus

This secret alone will help you focus on a single idea. Do the things that you … ... continue reading

The ONE habit that will positively impact your productivity (and how to use it in your work and life)

In this post, you will discover the ONE habit that will have the highest impact on your productivity.

You will also learn a seven-step method to use this habit in your everyday work life.

This is a habit that most people have never heard about. In fact, when you first hear this you might dismiss this habit yourself.


This single habit is the reason why successful people get more done in a day. But they won’t tell you that. Not because they don’t want to — but because this habit has become a second nature to them.

They do this every day without even thinking about. And since they aren’t thinking about it — the can’t share it. They … ... continue reading