The Ultimate Truth About Productivity (And Life)

When I was in my twenties I hated everything… I hated my work, I hated my house, I hated the neighbourhood… I hated my life.

I would dream up ways of how I would have it different in the future, what I would do, where I would go and how I would raise my kids.

Then I discovered the single biggest secret that changed my life dramatically.

I was able to do the things that I wanted to do, live the life that I desired for myself and have the relationships in my life that I wanted to have.

But before I tell you this ultimate truth of life I must warn you… 

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The Number One Reason Why You Procrastinate

One of the worst things to happen to your day is that it just doesn’t get started.

You’ve got the willpower, you’ve got the intelligence, you’ve got all the things you need, but you’re lazy… and after a few days all the planning falls flat on it’s face.

You’ve spent days planning for what you need to do, put it down in writing, taken pains to organize everything – then when you need to get it done, you still don’t manage to get anything done.

The most irritating part of this is that you end up spending all day thinking about what was wrong with your plans, improving them, but still fail. And failing sucks.

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Do This To Make Your Business Successful

When I first started in business I came up with a number of different ideas, each of them viable. At one time I was working on 8 projects at the same time.

All of them validated to make me money in the long term – but in the short term they weren’t doing too well.

It was at this point that I decided to seek out help from my mentor. What he told me has stuck to me…

The Millionaire Mentor Reveals A Hidden Truth

This secret alone is the reason for me to finally be able to do what I love, and make the kind of money that I want. But that’s not all.

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Learning This One Thing COMPLETELY Changed My Life !!!

My dad told me that my writing sucked. Well not really, he looked at me as if I was a fly and then got back to reading his newspaper.

This is when I got my first article published in a national newspaper, way back when I was in 8th grade. I even got paid for it. My dad just shrugged when I showed him what I did. He couldn’t care less.

I cried that night. I thought my parents would be proud of me. But this just wasn’t a good enough accomplishment for them.

I started writing in secret after that. I wanted to be the best writer and thought working in secret would help me become better and once … ... continue reading