“The Secret To Finding Your Passion Before You Quit Your Career”

A few years ago I was in a career I hated. I would wake up in the morning dreading to go to work… I would fall ill occasionally because of this dread and fear of going to work in a place I hated… doing a job that was not my passion.

But I couldn’t quit my job… I had bills to pay, a family to support and my parents were dependent on my income.

Additionally this was the 3rd career that I was going through… I had had similar experiences in my previous careers… and I felt like a total failure at this point in my life…

I didn’t know what to do…

Until one day I realized the single biggest thing holding me back in my life…

Before I tell you what this thing is

A Word of Warning!!!
If you don’t read this post you’ll jump from one career to another…¬† not knowing what’s really going wrong in your life.

You will keep switching from one thing to another… however each time you start a new career you will be surprisingly good at it… a 3.5 GPA is nothing to laugh at… but as time passes you will start hating this…

On top of this you will become easily distracted by things like Quora, Twitter, or just a friend texting you in the middle of the day…

You will become addicted to these things – not because the career is a poor choice but because you don’t understand how this simple secret works.

Your friends and family will start ignoring you because they will see you as someone who bring them down, and sh*ts on everything. Ultimately you will lose all your friends if you keep going down this path.

Alternatively, just by following what I share with you here – you will quickly discover a new found love for your current career.

You will become the star at work, your colleagues will look up to you, your boss will think of you for important projects and your family will love you and respect you.

You will become the one person that everyone is talking about… saying that you’re a go-getter, up and coming super star, and have a touch of gold.

Ultimately you will get all the success that you every wanted, and avoid the things that you want to avoid in your life.

The Reason Most People Never Progress In Their Careers

Our minds are a wonderful thing… however there is one problem with it. It keep seeking the new… and thinking that the ‘new’ thing is better than what we already have.

This distorts our decision making capabilities forcing us to make bad decisions.

Because we don’t value what we already know, and instead think that the ‘new’ thing is more valuable – we keep making poor decisions.

However, success works in the opposite direction… you need to keep doing what you already know to become really good at it before you will achieve any success.

The problem when you put these two things together is the distance between these two ideas.

The new and shiny vs the tried and tested.

By doing the tried and tested you will become successful… however the new and shiny will keep pulling on you and make you want to try it out.

The tried and tested is boring to your mind, because it already knows how to do it… the new and shiny is exciting, you don’t know what you will discover there, and it might be better than what you already know.

The tried and tested is tiresome – because you have to work exponentially hard to become even slightly better at it. The new and shiny is easy because you can become better at it very quickly.

The results from the tried and tested have a very gradually increasing rate. The new and shiny has an accelerated rate of results. You get a tremendous amount of feedback from the new and shiny, but not so much from the tried and tested.

This is the one reason most people fail.

They keep chasing the new and shiny… instead of working hard on the tried and tested.

Your job is to force yourself into doing the tried and tested. Each day, and every day.

The more you develop yourself, and force yourself to do the tried and tested the better you will get at it.

Until you will come to a point where you will be the only one running that race – and eventually you will become the king of the hill in the ‘tried and tested.’

Because by this time, most of your competition will have run away to the new and shiny.

This is hard work – but you can make it exponentially simple by doing just one thing…

The One Thing To Become Exponentially Better At What You’re Good At

Which is this… spend the first two hours of your waking day doing the one thing that will move you closest to your goals.

So if you want to learn programming spend the first two hours of your day doing nothing but programming.

Sit down, set a timer on your watch and just programme. It might not be the best programme, but don’t think about how good or bad it will be – just programme.

Don’t answer the phone, don’t talk to anyone, don’t even connect to the internet. Programme.

If it is something else that you want to learn and become excellent at – do it. Spend the first two hours DOING IT. Not thinking about it, not dreaming about it, not talking about it.

Just doing it.

The rest of the day, you can shoot shit, you can talk to your friends, you can spend on Quora, you can be on Facebook, or drink beer – but these two hours are sacred.

Make it an unbreakable law for yourself. Not two hours after you’ve showered, and reached work, and had a cup of coffee – but the first two hours of your waking time.

Over time you will have spend more time programming than you will any other thing.

Two hours a day will translate to 14 hours a week, or a little over 700 hours a year.

If you do nothing else but just this – you will become one of the best in your field within the first year since no one else is doing this.

As you progress you will keep getting better and better – and eventually you will reach the success that you want but you must do this.

Final Word Of Caution!!!

As you progress, you will get some people who will tell you that this is just stupid, specially your friends.

There will be others in your life who discourage you from spending the first 2 hours of your day doing what you love to do – don’t listen to them.

They are a test. Of your will, of your ability, of your success. The more people tell you not to do this – the harder you must do it.

This will sharpen your skills even more.

Other will tell you to stop not because they don’t think you can do it – but because they don’t think they themselves can do it. And to make themselves feel better they will discourage¬† you.

That’s one of the reasons if you’re just starting out – don’t tell anyone that this is your secret.

Keep it to yourself until people start asking you how you’re so successful. This is when you can share it with them.

Let your success speak for itself, and not boast about your actions.