“The Real Reason Why Everyone Is Telling You To Get A Job!”

I had just signed on a client for $6,500 to help him get more customers…

When I told my mother-in-law that I just made a huge sale online, she said – that’s all fine and good… but when are you getting a REAL job.

She’d seen me working online on my computer, some days making sales some days not so much.

Some days I’d spend locked in my home office and other days she’d see me bumming in front of a couch playing PS to finish the new Call of Duty…

She didn’t get it – she’d worked all her life for a paycheque – she couldn’t understand why I was wasting my life doing this… this… entrepreneur sh*t…

Truthfully no one in my family understood it – they still don’t.

Before I tell you what you should do if no one gets you and tells you to find a job…

A Word of Warning!!!

No matter what you do – you won’t be able to make every one happy.

Some people will love you – others will hate you – and still others will be disappointed in you.

Not because you’re not doing everything that you can. Not because you’re doing well for yourself. Not even because they love you and care for you…

But because of habit… most people have a habit of being ‘too concerned’ about others and not really doing anything for themselves.

The Real Reason Why Everyone Is Telling You To Get A Job

Your friends and family tell you that they are saying all this out of concern of you – that they love you that’s why they are telling you to do this..

That’s all bullsh*t.

They love you – sure.

They care about you – absolutely.

But that no why they are telling you to get a job.

They are telling you to get a job because of two things;

1. You aren’t supporting yourself – meaning not moving out, paying for your own bills, getting your own sh*t or

2. They are scared because they’ve never done it before.

If it’s the first reason – then stop fooling yourself that you’re an entrepreneur and get a job. If you can support yourself, then stop f*&king around and move out, and support yourself.

If it is the second reason – that makes it even easier.

Stop f*&king around and move out so you don’t have to listen to their concern.

Go out and build bigger businesses, consult for bigger clients, and do more things.

Finally, stop telling them what you’re doing. Become an adult and stop caring about whether your family and friends think you’re a success or not.

That’s the only way to move on.

If you keep asking for their approval, they’ll keep rejecting you, and telling you how you’re not doing a good job.

The moment you stop asking for their approval, they will see that you’re able to take care of your own. It might take a few years for them to come around – but they will.

They still won’t approve of what you’re doing – but they sure as hell won’t give you a tough time for it.