What To Do When Everything Is Going Wrong In Your Life

Every thing was going wrong in my life.

My girlfriend of 5 years was cheating on me with her boss…

I had failed my professional exams that I’d been studying for 18 months…

And I was passed over for a much coveted promotion that my boss had assured me was mine…

I didn’t know what to do… my personal life was going to the sh*tter, my career was on the rocks, and my future prospects seemed bust.

Until I accidentally discovered the key ingredient that was missing in my life. This simple ingredient caused my life to turn 180 degrees.

I say accidentally discovered because I wasn’t actively looking for this ingredient… neither did I know that this would cause such a major shift in my life.

This key ingredient alone was the cause for me to discovering my true love in life… accelerating my career path – taking me to places I never imagined I could go to, and putting my future on a the fast-track to success.

Before I tell you what this ingredient is… and the step-by-step method on how to use this ingredient in your life to become successful…

A Word Of Warning!!!

This ingredient is extremely simple to implement in your life… however because of its simplicity most people ignore it or completely forget to use it.

Don’t let the simplicity of this ingredient fool you. This is the single biggest reason most people become successful in their lives.

If you don’t use this ingredient you will remain stuck in the rut where everything in your life seems to be going wrong. Your personal life won’t improve, your career will keep floundering, and your future plans will be on a decaying curve.

If you use this ingredient in your life you will quickly discover success coming easily to you. Your friends and family will gravitate towards you and you will quickly become the life of every party.

Your personal life will flourish and you will find excitement in your love life. Your career will get on an exponential growth curve, where you keep getting the promotions that you’ve always coveted.

Ultimately your future plans will get on the expressway to success. You will achieve all the things that you want to achieve in your life… Let’s take a look at what

The Secret Ingredient To Success – (Specially When Everything Is Going Wrong)

Most people spend their lives in desperation. They do the things that are absolutely necessary in their lives and avoid the things that require even a little bit extra effort.

They do only the minimum amount of work in their jobs, spend only the minimum amount of effort in their love lives, and spend almost no time on their future plans.

This is because they lack the secret ingredient in their lives…

In fact if you call any office in the morning, at any day of the week and ask the person answering the phone, ‘How do you feel?’ their answer will usually be…. ‘I feel tired.’

Are they feeling tired because they’ve been working long hour? Nope.

It it because something is going wrong in their lives? Probably not.

It is because they do manual labour all day long? Hell no.

Most people feel tired because they have tired attitudes…

Imagine if you had called to tell this same person answering the phone that they had just won a million dollars – do you think they would be tired then?

They would be jumping out of their chair, dancing around… running home to make plans on what they will do next…

In fact even if they didn’t win the lottery but were just going on a vacation the next day – do you think they would be tired… nope…

Just a day before the vacation most people are so wired up they can’t even go to sleep at night.

In fact I bet you if that person’s boss came and told her that she could take the rest of the day off, just because… she wouldn’t be tired any more.

She would be excited about going home, and would have spring in her step.

This is because of the secret ingredient.

And that secret ingredient that I’ve been alluding to is – enthusiasm.

Most people are enthusiastic about going out with friends, taking a vacation, or winning the lottery, or even taking the ‘rest of the day off.

But they aren’t enthusiastic about the important things in life. Most people aren’t enthusiastic about planning their future, they aren’t enthusiastic about going to work, or even spending some quality time with a loved one.

Have you noticed in a restaurant, how couple who have been together for a long time are just staring at their phones… and not in each other’s eyes…?

This is because they lack enthusiasm for each other…

You’re probably wondering

How This Relates To You When Things Are Going Wrong

When things are going wrong in your life there is nothing more important than enthusiasm.

Things have gotten to the point where they are because we lack enthusiasm about the things that we do have…

For e.g.

My personal life got screwed up probably because I wasn’t paying enough attention to my then love… so some one else showed up in her life, who paid more attention to her… showed more enthusiasm for the things that she did, and won her over.

My work life suffered because I did not show enough enthusiasm for work every day. This probably reflected in my work product that my boss could evaluate and decided to pass me for a much deserved promotion.

My professional studies suffered because I was paying more attention to other things, I was more enthusiastic about meeting friends than actually studying – thus I did not study enough and failed.

Sure these things went wrong in my life – but only because I wasn’t treating these things with the respect and care they deserved.

Now that you know this, here’s

How You Turn Your Life Around When Everything Is Going Wrong

Here are simple steps that you can follow starting right now to turn your life around when everything is going wrong in your life, and seems to be on a decaying curve.

Step 1. Own Up To It

Remember that you are where you are because of decisions that you’ve taken. It isn’t karma, or your fate, or the divine will of God.

Let’s not blame a higher power for our own f*&k-ups.

Step 2. Decide To Change The Input

Everything in this universe follows a simple rule – for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

If you’ve been putting bad things into the world – those bad things are going to come back to you, in just the same amount.

If you start putting good things into the world – good things will start coming back to you in spades.

You can only do this by deciding to change what you send out to the world.

So decide right now that you will do good in the world and send good things out in to the world.

Step 3. Be Grateful

One of the most important things you can do is being grateful. Sure it might sound weird to be grateful when things are already going wrong – but that’s the most important thing.

Every bad situation that you’re in – is probably better than an even worse situation – so be grateful that you’re not in a worse situation.

If you’ve been dumped – be grateful that you’ve now got a chance to find someone more compatible with you.

If you’ve been fired, be grateful that you’ve got the time to learn something new.

Step 4. Find Things Going Right

No matter what situation you are in – there are somethings going right for you.

And let me start with the obvious example –

You can read this answer so your vision is going right, you comprehension is pretty okay, your internet works, your computer is working well.

You’re probably sitting at a desk, which means that you either have a place to put that desk or are in a place where there are desks.

You can keep going on and on and on… There are tons of things to be grateful about… but most of the time we forget the most important things … because the most important things in life, we got for free.

So find things going right in your life and be grateful about those things.

Step 5. Skip Everywhere You Go

Have you seen young girls skip as they walk? Try that on for a change – you can’t help but smile. And when you smile your day automatically improves.

It’s a physical thing – you can’t skip for a few steps and not start smiling.

If you’re going to meet a girl, skip for 10 paces before you meet her. She will instantly see you natural smile and be excited to talk to you.

If you’re going in for a job interview – skip in the hallway before you go in, the interview will instantly see you beaming smile and want to know more about you.

If you’re thinking about writing down your future plans, spend a few minutes skipping in your living room – your mind will instant bring happy thoughts to your mind and you will create a better future plan.

There you have it – five steps to turn your life around even when everything is going wrong in your life.

Now the only thing stopping you from actually turning it around is taking action on it. Go ahead and skip around the room for a few paces, then come back – and turn your life around.

But before you go, a few final thoughts…

What Will Happen When You Implement These Steps In Your Life

When you implement these steps in your life you might not see the results happen that same day… this happens because life is like a big giant cruise ship in the ocean going in a particular direction because of momentum.

But because it is so big and has such a massive amount of momentum, turning it’s direction takes some time…

But if you’re sitting on the bridge of that ship – you won’t stop turning the ship because it’s not turning, but you’ll keep turning.

This is exactly how life is… it’s massive. It has a lot of momentum. And it takes a lot of steering in the right direction to change its course.

So go out there and implement these steps with the knowledge that you’re steering your life in the right direction. No matter how hard it is to turn, no matter how long it takes to turn, you have the knowledge to turn it.

And turn it you will – if and only IF you keep turning it with these steps.

It might fight back, it might give you a bit of a kick in the butt – but keep fighting back, and as an unchanging law – you will become successful and turn your life around.