The Ultimate Truth About Life

When I was in my twenties I hated everything… I hated my work, I hated my house, I hated the neighbourhood… I hated my life.

I would dream up ways of how I would have it different in the future, what I would do, where I would go and how I would raise my kids.

Then I discovered the single biggest secret that changed my life dramatically.

I was able to do the things that I wanted to do, live the life that I desired for myself and have the relationships in my life that I wanted to have.

But before I tell you this ultimate truth of life I must warn you…

This truth is so simple that most people will ignore this entirely and keep looking for something better… for something more elegant… for something that is hard to do in real life yet sexy to talk about with friends…

I used to be like that. Looking for sexy explanations, talking with my friends about philosophical meanings, and truths of life.

But when I finally discovered the ultimate truth in life it completely changed me.

Here Is The Ultimate Truth Of Life

Life consists of only ‘today’… and in that today, it consists of only ‘right now’…

There is no tomorrow…

There is no yesterday.

The only TIME you get to live in – is RIGHT NOW.

There’s no tomorrow.

There’s no yesterday.

There’s no earlier, no later, but right now.

Everything that you do in your life, that you think in your life, that you plan in your life – is done right now.

You can’t do things in the future… and you can’t plan in the past… you have to plan today… but more importantly you have to execute today.

So whatever you want to do in life… you must do it today… and in today you must do it right now.

You can try doing something tomorrow – but it won’t work. Because when you do it – you will be doing it right now…

Tomorrow never comes, and yesterday never leaves.

You can’t do things in tomorrow and you can’t change things in yesterday.

You can only do them in the RIGHT NOW.

This is easier than it sounds, but harder to execute than most anything in life…

How Do You Use This Information To Help You Live Better

Since you can’t change yesterday – stop thinking about it. Forget it. What’s been done has been done.

Move on.

Since you can’t do anything tomorrow, do it RIGHT NOW.

Want to become healthier – workout right now. Do a few pushups if you’re really lazy.

Want to become rich – save $1 today. Take it out of your wallet and put it in a sealed jar right now.

Want to become an excellent writer – write 1,000 words right now.

Don’t schedule to write it tomorrow, do it right now.

Don’t know what to write? Write 100 words on things you could write about.

Want to have a gorgeous girlfriend – talk to the girl that you like.

Don’t wait until the time is ‘right’. Time is only RIGHT, now.

There is no other time. So go say ‘Hi’ to her now.

But What About My Life-Time Goals – I Can’t Achieve Them ALL Right Now?

No, you can’t. But here’s the big rub about life.

We overestimate the things that we want to achieve today and under-estimate things that we can achieve in a year.

So, whatever you want to achieve in ‘life’ – write it down RIGHT NOW.

Take 5 minutes and pretend that the paper is magical and whatever you write will come true.

Write your lifetime goals, your 3 year, 1 year and 3 months goals.

Write them all in 5 minutes no more than that.

Then take another minute and circle the one goal from each of these 4 categories. This is the goal that will make the most difference in your life.

Then take another 5 minutes and write down all the steps you need to take to achieve this 3 month goal.

Then break those steps into daily tasks.

Then take the first task, the most important task, the one task that will help you move towards this goal most, and do that task RIGHT NOW.

There you just achieved your lifetime goal.

When you wake up everyday, do the most important task from your life time goal RIGHT NOW.

Before you know it you will be living your lifetime goal, and you’ll only have taken action on it today. Never tomorrow, never next week, never for a year.

Taking action TODAY will let you live the life that you want to live.

And when you look back at yesterday, you will see that this lifetime goal is some thing that you’ve always done in your life.

That you’ve been living your lifetime goal – all your life.

Try it. RIGHT NOW.

I know you want to stop and say, I’ll do it later – there is no later.

There is only now.

Do it now.

Or 3 years later, when you are sitting by yourself wondering where the years went – you’ll be reminded of this answer where you could’ve achieved your goals but chose not to.

Make the choice and do it.

Do it Right Now.

But there’s another great thing that happens when you do things, RIGHT NOW.

You don’t have to worry about them for tomorrow. You don’t have to think about excuses to tell yourself. You don’t have to worry about saving face.

You’ve done it already.

You’re good.

After you’ve done it – you can hang out with friends without feeling guilty, spend time with them and have a beer if you want without feeling bad, or just kick back and relax without stressing about tomorrow.

But before you can do that, you have to take action on your goals today… right now.