The Simple Secret Of Overcoming Your Fears

Here’s a simple secret to overcoming your fears.

Do something that scares the sh*t out of you.

Don’t think about it, don’t talk about it, don’t tell anyone – just do it.

Chances are whatever you’re afraid of is probably just intellectual.

If you’re thinking of running a marathon, you’re thinking what if I die at mile 10. You won’t – there are no reported cases of anyone dying during a marathon due to running.

If you’re afraid of talking to the girl at the check out – just do it. No one has ever died of talking to a girl in the history of mankind.

Sure you’ve got that fear, but the only way to overcome it is do it…

And here’s the secret – do something outrageous that is totally unrelated to what you really want to do.

So if you’re thinking of starting a business instead of putting pressure on yourself to start a business, do something completely unrelated. Find another thing that you’ve never done before – and go do that.

In this example, say you’ve never run more than a few hundred feet because you don’t really care about running, what you really care about is building a business. Then instead of focusing on building a business go out this weekend and run a 10k. Don’t think about it just sign up.

Then go out and do it – you might have to walk in between, you might have to talk to a few people, and you might have to stop to catch your breath.


You will not that by the end of the day – you will have completed this 10k challenge.

This will completely change how you view yourself, and force you to focus more on doing the impossible – of starting your business.

Think about all the impossible things, of all the challenges in your life, and then pick one and do it.

The result will redefine how you view yourself, and how you view your fears.

By overcoming one of your fears, you will overcome all of them.

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