The Simple 7 Step Formula To Improve Your English

Here is a step by step method of improving your English.

If you follow this method you will quickly learn English, your reading and speaking abilities will increase. Your friends will admire how quickly you’ve picked up English.

You will gain the affection of your family, friends and colleagues. Your job interviewer will think you are great in English and you will quickly impress anyone in your circle.

So here’s how to improve your english language skills.

  1. Read fiction novels. Stuff from Charles Bukowski, Harold Robbins, Sydney Sheldon etc. I know this is trashy stuff, but that’s how you will improve your English.
  2. Join Toastmasters. This is a free organization (or $100 per year) that helps people improve their presentation and communication skills. It meets once or twice a month and each speaker is critiqued by the listeners in a positive manner. You will quickly improve if you do just this alone.
  3. Watch English movies at least 1 movie a day, without subtitles. This will help your brain to understand the nuances of accent. It might help if you find a few old classic movies and watch them a few time, learning the dialogues.
  4. Watch American or British news channels in english everyday. This will help you talk about what is going on in current affairs with your interviewer. You will also pick up names of people and their pronunciations.
  5. Listen to English music and audio books. The same as listening to news programming and watching movies. The language nuances will get embedded in your brain. The basic concept of language learning is to immerse yourself in that language. In every medium that you can.
  6. Immerse yourself completely. Find out neighbors, friends, people at the bar who speak English and let them know about what you are trying to do. Then ask them if you could only speak in English with them.
  7. Speak with everyone in english. Even if you’re poor in speaking. The more you speak the better you will become. This helps if you have people around who can speak English all the time.

Here’s what to look out for.

Initially you will be nervous and shy. The trick is to pretend to be an actor who is great at speaking English and think for the day that you are that actor.

When you step out of the house, pretend that you are playing the role of the Prince of Wales and how he would speak english, and then do it. The first few day this will be messy, you will be nervous, stumble, and stammer. But then like magic you will get better.

Keep at it and within no time you will get amazing at speaking English.