How to overcome anxiety and stop worrying about things

In this post, you’ll discover a simple tool that will help you overcome your anxiety and stop worrying about things.

This is the first thing you must do to become more focused, organized and collected — both in your business and in your life.

Without doing this first — everything else will fail. Your marketing might bring in new people — but you won’t be able to close them.

You may have leads knocking on your door — but you won’t be able to hear or see them as good clients.

Plus you’ll start losing your focus on other things.

If you do implement this in your life (takes only a few minutes up front) you will end up saving a few hours every week — if not every day.

You will start sleeping like a baby — and wake up refreshed without constant worry on your mind.

The best part about this is that you don’t have to waste your money on fancy new gear that tells you how calm you are or not. You don’t need to spend your time learning some ‘yogi’ techniques. You don’t even have to change your habits.

The only thing you have to do it use it.

But first —

Our Over Stimulated Minds

If you’re anything like me — you live in the digital world, where there is a constant demand on your time. Your efforts are diluted by being called to do a number of things all the time.

Check Facebook. Reply to email. Update status on Facebook. Blog on your website. Check Facebook. Create presentations. Check email. Check Facebook. Reply to text message…

… and the loop continues all day.

But that’s not all. All of these digital demands are on top of the real world demands that we are facing every day anyway.

Follow up on customers. Update the sales data. Check up on projects list. Setup meetings.

But that’s just on your business-side. Then there is the personal side of things. At any given time we have 300 balls in the air and we’re juggling to figure out which one we need to focus most on.

On top of that — everyone we know is looking to get some of our time to talk to us, get us to do one more thing, or just to dump on us about how bad their day went.

All this festers in the mind and keeps going on and on in a loop.

I know — I’ve been there many a time — when I’m up till 2:37 am in the morning thinking about a client deadline that I have to meet in the morning.

Two minutes later, I find myself at the bottom of a tub of ice-cream. (Yeah It’s okay — I judge me too).

But then I wake up in the morning and am still thinking about all the things that I have to do, or that could go wrong.
So what do you do — to over come overcome anxiety and stop worrying?

Before I tell you the exact solution let’s talk about why this happens.

The Conscious Mind’s Capacity To Hold Ideas

Research shows that the conscious mind has a limited capacity to hold ideas or thoughts.

The limit as estimated by most neuroscientist is between 4 – 8 things at any given time. Which means that at any given time your conscious mind can only process and think about 4 – 8 things.

Everything else gets put in the subconscious mind — or dropped. But that’s not all.

If there are more than 8 things to think about — your mind think that there are too many things to think about.

This puts the mind in a constant loop of worry and anxiety — because it can’t remember and process everything that’s on your plate.

That’s why phone numbers are usually 7 digits — broken up into a group of 3 and 4 numbers. This makes them easier to remember. Think about your own phone number.

It’s broken up into groups as such; country code — then city code — then 3 digits and then 4 digits.

This makes the number extremely easy to remember. Even in the sequence, there are only 4 ‘groups’ to remember.

Now if you had to remember the entire number as a single number sequence — you wouldn’t be able to remember.

Just a quirk of the human mind. Okay, enough theory — let’s look at

Why Your Mind Causes Anxiety and Worry

Since your mind can only process a few tasks consciously — it puts the rest of them away.

But if there are more than a few tasks that you have to process at any given time it starts ‘thinking’ that there are too many things to do.

But that’s not all — it starts thinking there are too many things when ‘things’ aren’t processed, and finished.

If a task isn’t finished — your mind will obsess over it.

It is finished — it can stop obsessing.

This is something that you will notice with your cellphone. The minutes there is a notification on your phone — a message, an email, an alert — the minute you see that — there is an urgent need to get it cleared.

This is the mind obsessing over getting things done.

But for most of us, we can’t always have all our tasks finished all the time. Some things just take longer due to the nature of the task itself.

You’re waiting for more information, someone has to respond to an email, or you’re looking for the right time to respond back to them or something… This causes the ‘task’ to remain ‘open’ in the mind.

In such a situation the mind has to keep thinking about it. Or keep thinking that there are too many things left undone. So it causes anxiety and worry. This keeps you up at night and makes you wake up worried.

But that’s not all — this also reduces your productivity because you’re juggling too many things at the same time.

How To Overcome Anxiety And Stop Worrying

There is a simple tool in your arsenal that will help you overcome anxiety and stop worrying.

A pencil (or pen if you prefer).

This is the single best invention for overcoming anxiety and stop worrying — ever.

Here’s how to use it.

Step 1. take out a piece of paper and sit on your desk with your pencil or pen in hand

Step 2. Set a timer for 30 minutes on your phone — and put the phone on ‘Do Not Disturb’

Step 3. Write out everything that is on your mind. Nothing is too trivial. Even if you’re thinking about your sister for not calling you back.

Don’t stop until the timer goes off — keep writing.

Write about cleaning your car, or about taking the dog for a walk, or about the guy who cut you off in traffic, or buying new socks.

Whatever is on your mind. Nothing is too trivial. You must do this. Write. Write. Write.

Step 4. Once the timer goes off — stop writing. Pick up the piece of paper and put it in your desk drawer — as you’re doing this — tell your mind,

“Thank you for keeping all this front and center. We’ve got it on paper. We won’t forget, so you can relax now.”

I know it sounds silly — but this is very important. This is to really tell your mind, and the voice inside your head that everything is okay.

And to make it a habit of writing down everything that you might think about.

Step 5. Carry with you a diary — in which to put all the information, all action items, all things that remain incomplete in your life. Just to write all of that down, every day. It can’t be your cellphone — has to be something else.

I use 3 x 5 index cards because they fit in my wallet — and I have them on me every time. I can quickly write down anything that comes up — which I might need to remember, or take action on later, or which might cause me worry or anxiety.

This helps me — remember everything. While not having to ‘remember’ it.

Step 6. Take 30 minutes at the end of each day — 5pm before leaving the office, or 9pm before going to bed (whatever works for you) — and write out for 30 minutes everything that’s on your mind.

Initially, 30 minutes won’t be enough. There will be too many things on your mind — but then once you get in the groove of doing this every day — your mind will stop being so cluttered and organize itself.

Which will mean that you will get done a lot quicker! But you have to do this to get organized — to get over the clutter.

Step 7. Keep a pencil and paper next to your bed side. This is crucial — for those moments in the middle of the night when a thought comes which has the seed of becoming a large obsession.

The pencil and paper next to your bedside will help you quickly jot down that thought, even when you’re half asleep and get over it.

Then you can go back to sleep knowing that your thought has been written down. The mind can rest — because you instantly wrote down the thought that might cause it a little tension.

But A Word Of Warning!!!

As you’re doing this — there are two things that you have to be aware of. These two things will pop up as you’re doing this for you.

First — for the initial fifteen minutes the voice inside your head will keep telling you this is stupid and will want you to stop and go do something else.


Stick with it — keep doing it. Keep writing. The more you write the quieter the voice will become. That’s the voice that’s all the thoughts in your head. As you write them — your mind will become calmer and calmer and the voice will become quiet.

Second — You must sit down to write to actually discover the impact doing this will have on you. If you don’t take action — nothing will work.

Kinda obvious — but had to be stated.

Once you do this — you will notice that you’ll fall asleep quicker — won’t wake up with anxiety, feel more organized and be on top of things.

BONUS: If you’re feeling over-ambitious do this. Keep a piece of paper and pen next to where you work.

Then while you’re focusing on one task and a thought about another task pops up — write it down immediately, but get back to the original task.

Remember a few days ago we wrote out our three most important results — when you’re focusing on those results — you will occasionally get distracted. When that distraction occurs just write down your thought and get back to your most important result.

This way — you’ll get more done, plus you won’t lose any good ideas, urgent needs, or reminders that your mind is telling you to do.

Action List

  1. Take 30 minutes to write down everything that is on your mind.
  2. Keep a pencil and paper next to your bed to capture any thought that might cause you anxiety
  3. Keep a pencil and paper on your desk to capture ideas, thoughts, and distractions that your mind brings up while you’re working

In the next post — I’ll share with you how to get more leads for your business and a hidden source that could potentially give you all the clients you can serve in the next 12 months.

Access to this hidden source is free — shockingly most people don’t even know about it. So this could be a goldmine for you.

More on that later.

Quick Recap

For now, let us do a quick recap. In this post…

We looked at how the mind can cause anxiety and worry — which has the potential to keep us awake all night.

We then discovered the amount of ‘things’ the conscious mind can process at any given time and how having too many things be a source of anxiety for us.

We then discovered a simple seven-step process to reducing anxiety and stop worrying.

Plus an additional method of increasing focus while working during the day.

Now It’s Your Turn!

P.S. If for some reason you feel that this does not apply to you and to your life — leave a comment below and I’d love to help you out!

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