How To Make $3,000 In 7 Days If Someone Pointed A Gun To Your Head

Last year I had a gun to my head. My bank account was down to my last $1,000 with no job. I had just moved to a new country where I knew no one, had no experience, and not qualifications.

Unable to pay my bills and on the verge of being kicked out…

I discovered the secret formula that helped me get hired for a $75,000 contract in less than a week…

If you follow the steps that I mention below you will quickly realize the hidden power within you and be able to achieve the things that you want to achieve, make the money that you want to make and be able to do the things that you want to do.

You will quickly gain the recognition of your friends, and you will become the person everyone wants to hang out with. Your parents will become proud of you and your friends will gravitate towards you.

Ultimately, by following the steps below you will achieve the wealth, success, and recognition that you desire.

But A Word Of Warning…!!!

This secret is something that most people haven’t even heard of.

Because most people haven’t heard of this secret – if you tell anyone (your friends, family, or colleagues) they will make fun of you telling you that you’re stupid.

I know because I had the same thing happen to me.

This isn’t because the secret is stupid – but because it is human nature to ridicule the ‘new idea’ before it gets accepted.

I implore you, test it out in your own life, go out there and make it happen.

Once you’ve achieved this success you can then share it with others…

… because people listen to successful people. But new ideas get shot down.

So don’t let this idea get shot down unless you’ve tried and tested it for yourself.

Let’s take a look at

How To Make $3,000 in 7 Days, (If Someone Pointed A Gun To Your Head)

Let’s assume here that the person holding the gun to your head is asking you to do something impossible.

Which means that you don’t currently make $3,000 per week – and have never made $3,000 in a week before.

Here’s the step-by-step formula to make $3m000 in one week, if someone has a gun pointed at your head

1. Breathe

This is the most important thing you can do. When you’re under stress your breathing will become shallow and your body and mind will become less oxygenated.

With no oxygen in your brain, you wont be able to think. And you need to think, especially in this situation.

So take a deep breath. Close your eyes, and exhale. Repeat 5 times.

2. Pick up a pen and paper and write down your skills

You should already know these, but if you don’t, now is the best time to do so. Write everything that you can do on a piece of paper.

Can you cook? Can you knit? Can you write? Are you a graphics designer?

Take no more than 10 minutes to write all your skills and then pick the one that you think is your best skill.

Ideally it should just jump out at you. This is the skill that you will use to make the $3,000.

3. Think of the results that this skill delivers

Think of all the results that your skill can deliver. Not just on a surface level, but at a deeper level.

These are not just aesthetic results, but actual measurable results that you can deliver.

Here I’ll show you…

So if you are a graphics designer the result aren’t great graphics.

That’s a mandatory – but the real result… one that your customer is looking for is…

“To impress their customers with amazing designs” or “Get 5 more customers because your website doesn’t look like sh*t”

Depends who you’re talking to – a janitorial services company might understand the second statement better.

A financial services guy will like the first one a little better – but will probably sign a contract when he hears the second statement.

4. Translate the value of this result in to actual dollars

If you can help people save money, or make money they will gladly give you all their money.

So translate the result that you will get for them into actual dollars that they will make, or save.

Or help people save time, then you can translate the value of time saved into money.

This is the most essential step.

If you cook and then show them that by hiring your services they will save 2 hours per day.

For a business owner, that 2 hours can be spent making a sale that could bring them a $1,000 client.

So by hiring you they could end up making an extra $30,000 a month.

I know I’m exaggerating here, and you’re probably thinking “no way can he make an extra $30,000…. if he stops cooking…”

Don’t let your judgements stop you.

It’s his responsibility to go out there and make that money.

It is your responsibility to show him that he can with the time you will save him.

5. Think of 3 people you can help achieve that result

This is fairly obvious, you can think of 3 people who could benefit from your design help.

It could be people in your friends, or family, or just an acquaintance.

Think about the 100s of businesses around you, the ones that you interact with the ones that you don’t interact with.

The small restaurants, the lawyers, the carpet cleaner, the janitorial services guy… Everyone can use your help.

You just haven’t presented them with your offer.

6. Write out a sales presentation

So far you’ve probably spent the first 2 hours of the day figuring everything out. Now spend another hour to write this presentation out.

Writing is necessary – because it will help you clarify things.

Here’s what you include in your sales presentation.

– What’s the big problem that you’re helping to solve,

– What result they can expect from using your services

– Why should they listen to you

– What is it that you will give them

– What is the monetary value that they can expect to receive

– How much is their investment.

Take 5 minutes to answer each question.

It won’t be perfect in 5 minutes, but it will be good enough for you to go out there and make your first $3,000.

6a. Let them sell themselves to your service

Once you’ve made the sales presentation – don’t tell them the price, tell them the results.

Let them come up with a price for themselves. Sure you’ve got an answer to the investment, but let them sweat a little.

This will help you in two ways – they will always value your price a lot more than you will value your own.

Plus this will give you the opportunity to understand their real objections before they use ‘price’ as a scape goat.

Answer their objections first, then let them come up with a price – and if they truly, honestly, cannot come up with a price ask them what they would pay for a service like this.

This is where you make the close. Then state your price and shut up. Let them sell themselves to your service. Don’t justify it, don’t talk. Let the silence hang in the air.

The person who speaks first – loses. You’re a winner – so be quiet.

7. Take a shower, shave, and wear your best suit

You’re either going to be dead by the end of the week because you didn’t make the $3,000 or you’ll be super excited that you’re alive, because you did make the $3,000.

You’ll feel like a million dollars at the end of the week when you’re still alive anyway, so might as well wear that suit now.

If you don’t have a suit – go buy one.

8. Go make the sales presentation to the 3 people you selected

Whether they buy or not, tell them this is an offer you can only make today and will never be presented again at this price EVER.

Sell to each of them for $3,000 a piece nothing less than that.

Here are two things to keep in mind when you make the presentation.

First, we’re all going to die. Whether tonight or in 10 years. So the gunman doesn’t matter.

Second, the person you’re presenting to needs you more than you need them. You have the skill that will help them make $30,000 more in a month and you’re just asking them for $3,000.

Make no mistake, you’re giving them a metric TON more than you’re asking them to give you – so don’t sell with your balls tucked between your legs, go for it full throttle.

Chances are if you did the rest of the exercise you will have your first buyer before you go to the 3rd person.

But every time they say no to you ask them if they know someone in the industry who might be interested, then go make the presentation to those new people.

9. Keep going until you make the $3,000 sale – then go out and sell to another person, just because you’re glad to be alive

And to say f*%k you to the gunman.

Now go out there and do this. Put a gun to your own head and make it happen. The only thing stopping you is YOU.