How to get your name out there

Have you heard this before — to be successful in business you need to network. You need to get your ‘name’ out there.
The more your name is out there the more you will get customers. The more your name is in the market, the more you will attract clients.
So I started thinking — what does it mean to get your name out there — and how do you get your name out there in the first place.
I’m going to give you the actual letter we used — plus I’m going to share with you how you can create a similar letter.
But that’s not all — we’ll finally look at a way to ‘get your name out there’. (I’ve tested this method a few times and it has worked for me every time.)
I’m now testing this in a new market and new business — the results of which I will share with you in the coming months.
But let us get back to ‘getting your name out there’…
The Story:
Imagine for a minute…
You receive a phone call today. It’s a NY Times reporter.
“I’m calling from the NY Times and my editor wants me to do a full page, cover story on your business.”
What would your answer be?
Would you want your business to be featured in the NY Times? Would that get your name out there? Would that bring you more than enough clients to get your business to the next level?
Imagine some more…
It’s the day after your full page cover story got printed in the NY Times. You are now getting calls from every major newspaper asking if they could reprint your business’s story.
You then start getting calls from news channels. Newspapers. Blogs. And podcasts. All looking to feature the story about your business and you on their platforms.
Well, that’s certainly getting your name out there.
“Hold on a minute there, Riz — no one’s calling me to write my story!”
I know. No one’s calling you YET…. and chances are — no one is going to call you.
That’s where this post comes in. Keep reading and you’ll discover how to get your name out there so you can get a flood of business coming to you.
By following the steps in this post you will learn how to get your business featured in the media. You will become a celebrity in your marketplace. You colleagues will look up to you, and your customers will adore you.
You will earn the success that you’ve been waiting for and get the rewards that you deserve.
But first…
Why No One Is Writing About Your Business
Remember the lady I spoke about last week who was running a restaurant. Remember how her business was going… she wasn’t doing too well.
Then we sent out a letter — and that changed her fortunes. She started getting more customers. Her name got out there.
Not on the NY Times – out there. But enough out there that she was making good money.
How did this happen?
Before this happened the restaurant was talking about the highest quality ingredients. Prepared under strict hygienic conditions. World-class chefs trained from the most reputable institutions… blah, blah, blah…. !!!
Think about it for a second.
When you walk into a restaurant — you expect that they are using the highest quality ingredients.
You expect that the food is prepared in hygienic conditions.
You expect that they are using the highest quality ingredients.
You expect that the chefs are trained from reputable institutions.
That’s a given. That’s like saying ‘Our chicken — is actually chicken.’ DOH!
But that’s what most businesses say. That’s what most businesses focus on. In fact not only do all business focus on what is a given but also say the same things.
Think about a business. In your own industry or another industry.
I’ll pick accounting for this example, you can pick any other you want. Do a quick search on Google for accountants and you’ll discover what I mean.
Here, let me show you.
I searched for accountant — and the top 3 results are advertisements. These people are paying on Google to advertise their business.
The first says: “We provide quality accounting services of a Chartered Accountant at rates affordable to small businesses”
The second says: “Chartered Professional Accountants”
The third says: “We are a full-service accounting firm… We pride ourselves on attention to detail, getting your accounting and taxes done on time… getting them done right”
What’s wrong with these three above.
They are talking about the OBVIOUS things.
You don’t go to a tax accountant because he’s a trained jiu-jitsu fighter —
Of course, you have to be a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) to do taxes. That’s why you’re paying in the first place.
Of course, you’re going to do them right — because that’s what I’m paying you for — I can do them wrong myself.
Of course, you’re going to do them on time — because that’s what I’m paying you for — I can delay them all on my own.
Of course, you’re going to do it in the highest quality — because that’s what I’m paying for — I can do them poorly myself.
… by this point, you get the picture. 

Stating the obvious — is not how a story is made.
“Okay Riz, enough ranting about how poor they are making their case. How do I get my name out there?”
Let us look at
How To Get Your Name Out There
Here are four steps you can take to get your name out there, without getting lost in the noise.
Step 1. Make your business newsworthy
People read the news for one reason only. To find something ‘new’. If there is nothing new about your businesses or about you then no one will care. So you must have something new to talk about.
From our restaurant example: There was nothing to report there. It was just a restaurant.
Not only that — it was 20kms outside the main food center. Plus it was a small restaurant with no shopping around it. Getting to the restaurant itself was a trek.
So what did she do? She talked about why she opened it there and the answer was ‘news-worthy’.
She didn’t like the crowd. She was an older lady. She appreciated spending time in a restaurant with a fine-dining experience.
Plus, in the city center, young kids would be loud and rowdy. She didn’t want any of that and wanted to cater to others who might have the same values.
Here’s what we wrote in the letter.
This explains why she’s out there. Why it’s a small restaurant. Why this kind of wait-staff. Why the fine dining experience.
It makes it all news-worthy.
Step 2: Tell them how you got started
People do business with others that they know or have a connection with. Not being friends — but know something about. So tell them why you got started in the business that you’re in.
Here’s how we explained how she got started:
Chances are you have a similar story in your business. About how you got started. Was there an event in your life that pushed you into getting into this business. Something someone said, or an experience you might have had.
It’s okay if you’ve yet to overcome that challenge. As long as there is some story related to why you started doing what you’re doing.
Here’s mine:
“When I was 11 my father invested all his life savings in the business, and two years later lost everything. There were months where we couldn’t even pay the electricity bills. To the extent that my dad had to sell my mom’s jewelry to put food on the table.
“At that time, I didn’t know exactly what was going on. But I knew that I wanted to learn about business. Before I get into a business, so I never have to face a similar situation.
“I became a Chartered Accountant before I started my business. I worked in fortune 500 companies. Including working at a Chicago bank’s offshore hedge fund division.
“I learned a problem that EVERY small business faces. Getting clients. I had the same problem. Getting clients.
“You know how some businesses have a busy period and then slow months. A time where they can’t find clients. Sometimes even struggle to make payroll. That’s what I struggled with. And then decided to find a solution for it.
“It wasn’t easy — but I finally did find a solution.
“And my friends and family started noticing it. They asked me to help them out… and as people kept asking me to help them, I realized there was a real need for this in the world.
“So now, I help small businesses get more clients. Have more billable hours all year. So they never have to go through the struggle that I had to go through. So they can have a profitable business. So they can feed their family with dignity.
“So they can spend time with friends. Heck, go golfing in the middle of the afternoon if they want. And NEVER have to worry about a slow month, again.”
Think about why you got into the business that you got into. What’s the story there? Tell your customers that story and they will connect with you better.
Step 3. Paint pleasing pictures
So far you’ve done two very important steps. You’ve become ‘news-worthy’. And you’ve shared how you got started.
Now that you must paint pleasing pictures of what will happen to them as a result of your service.
Tell them how much they will enjoy working with you. The benefits they will have from working with you. Not ‘highest quality of service, and integrity’. But what will these things do for them?
So tell them how these values of quality of service and integrity translate for them.
Let’s look at the restaurant example and then I’ll show you how the accountants above could od the same.
Here’s how we painted pleasing pictures for the restaurant.
You see — she’s not talking about the quality of service — but what that service will do for them. She isn’t talking about the staff being courteous, but how it will make you feel and what it will do for the customers.
  • A romantic meal away from the hustle-bustle of the city
  • Spend hours staring into your loved ones’ eyes
  • Enjoy a long drive with your loved ones along a scenic and picturesque road
  • See the sunset from the large french windows
  • Bask in the sunlight that fills the room
Doesn’t that ignite the senses — making you want to go there?
So for the accountants above, instead of talking about the quality of service. Translate it to: “the largest tax refund you can ever get. So you can buy yourself that new set of golf clubs. Or take that Hawaiian vacation you’ve been lusting after.”
That’s the kind of accountant I want — who gets me enough tax refunds that I can go on a vacation.
We’re not done yet.
Step 4. Tell them how to take action
So far we’ve done a lot. We’ve shared our story. Connected with them. Explained why and how we do things. Told them how they will enjoy our services.
But we’re not done yet.
We must tell them how to take action. Then ask them to take that action. Without doing this — your customers won’t take action.
Here’s how we asked them to take action
To get them to take an action — we gave them a voucher. Then told them how to use it, and why we’ve put an expiry date on this.
Was this perfect — NO! It was good enough. And that’s all that matters.
But why put an expiry date on the voucher — to get them to take action right away. We want our customers to visit us today. That’s why the expiry.
It was a 15-day expiry. Enough that people can fit it in their schedule, but not too much that they forget about it.
Here’s the entire letter in PDF if you want to read it.
There are a few other steps that I didn’t cover in this post — and will cover in upcoming posts. For now, focus on these four steps and you will be golden.
You can read the PDF above. See if you can figure out what other steps there are. Then leave a comment to see if you guessed right.
Here’s what will happen when you put it in your business
It won’t be easy. You will have to ask yourself some questions, and answer them . Like telling your friend over a beer in a bar.
And that’s a good thing. Your customers will start to notice your honesty. They will feel a connection with you. They will connect with your openness.
The more they do — the easier it will be for you to get more clients.
Do this. It will change your business. You will stand out of the crowd of other businesses saying the same things. Your business will become noticeable.

But there is a dark side to this also. Not everyone will love you.

There will be a few haters who won’t like you. Who will abuse you? But the ones who say yes to you will say YES for a long time.
Here’s an example:
I asked someone if they wanted to read my newsletter.
Does that mean I should stop? No. It means that he was not in a good place.
What did I say to him? “LOL! Best of luck!”
Then ignored him.
This is one person. There are about 900 people who want to read this newsletter. You’re one of them. So I’ll focus on you and the other 900.
And so should you.
Action steps”
Here are quick action steps for you to install this in your business.
  1. Find something newsworthy in your business
  2. Tell your customer why you got into this business
  3. Paint pleasing pictures of what results your service will get your customer
  4. Tell them how to take action, then ask them to take action immediately
If you follow the above four steps you will be miles ahead of your competition. You will be able to command higher prices in your marketplace.
Plus, you will get your name out there. Your customers will connect with you better. And want to do business with you.
Quick recap:
In today’s post we learned.
What it would be like if we landed on the front page of NY Times.
A simple technique to become more news-worthy.
The four-step formula for becoming news-worthy. And how to use it in your life.
What to do with abusive customers.
Your turn
P.S: Now it’s your turn — Leave a comment below letting me know how you will use this in your business and life. 
Also, I love your feedback — let me know what ‘aha’ moments you had as you were reading this. And how you will use this ‘news-worthy’ technique in your business.