A Simple Hack To Keep Up With News

Here’s the best way to always be on top of the news while being the guy who makes other people feel important.
but truth be told this hack is simple, yet will need immense willpower from you to work.
If you don’t have the willpower or the right habits, you will fail. This hack won’t work for you, and you will end up in the same rut that you started from. You will get overwhelmed and will have too much news and information piling up in your inbox.
You’ll discover that you will be out of the loop, whether it is with your friends, family or at work.
If you install this hack, you will discover the secret of always being in the know. People will flock to you to tell you what’s going on. You will always be the person that they look for when they have important news to share.
By following this hack, you will become famous with your friends. Gain love and affection from your family. And the respect and power at work that you deserve.
But A Word of Warning!!!
The simplicity of this hack will have a tendency to fool you. In fact, most people who discover this hack will discard this, and come up with reasons to say why this will not work.
Don’t let them deter you. Most people will poke holes in this hack because of the same reasons that they are unsuccessful in life. They want to keep doing the things that they’ve been doing. And expecting different results.
That’s what Einstein called insanity. So don’t let their insanity overpower you.
Use this hack to your advantage, while others disregard it. You will overtake them in your career and life, and they will be left wondering how you did this.
The Simple Hack To Keep Up With What’s Happening In The World
In today’s world of mass media there is news happening every hour… heck sometimes there is breaking news every minute.
On top of that now you don’t have the newspaper to read. There’s news on the TV, breaking news on Cable, news alerts on your mobile. And when all is said and done you’ve got a newsfeed on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram.
So what is a young, ambitious person to do to keep up with all the news that there is out there? What should one do to overcome the ‘news overwhelm.’
And an even bigger question that begs to be asked is how do the people who always know what’s going on – do it?
If you think about it for a minute. Reading the newspaper takes 30 mins to an hour at least – if you skim it.
Usually, that’s how long it takes to read the sports section. Then you have the national news, the international news and on top of that entertainment.
Then you’ve got the prime time news on TV, and the daily show, and the late night show. And if that’s not all there are many channels which have shows with experts on that you want to catch up with.
Then you go online, and you’ve got the news from the websites for all the media channels. But the news online doesn’t get aired. And to top that all off you’ve got the ‘news feeds’ that you follow.
But that’s not even the tip of the iceberg.
If you dig deeper into it, just to follow your friend’s life on one social media channel is a full-time job. Let alone following the lives of all the three hundred and fifty-four friends that you may have. 
Don’t despair there is hope for you. So let’s look at
The 3-Step Hack To Keep Up With What’s Going On In The World
Here is the 3 step hack to keep up with what’s going on in the world.
Step 1. Stop Following The News
Stop watching the news, reading the newspaper, or reading any news related material. Online, on your phone, or on the computer. This will immediately free up between 2 – 5 hours per day for you.
Today’s news are on the 24-hour news cycle. The news channels need to keep coming up with something every 6 to 8 hours to maintain the audience glued to the tube.
So even when there isn’t something important, they talk about it like the world is about to end.
The President went to the hospital to get a regular checkup – OMG STOP THE PRESSES!!!
Clooney is getting married – OMG! Stop the presses.
Snookie has a pimple – STOP the presses.
The news media invents breaking news to sell advertising.
But by stopping to watch the news or read the news you can’t be on top of the world. You can’t know what’s going on in the world. Which is where step two comes in.
Step 2. Ask Other People What The News Is
Now that you’re not watching the news ask other people what’s going on? If you’re at the grocery store, ask the clerk, “Hey man! Did you read the news today? Can you fill me in?”
If you’re at the water cooler at work, ask the person standing there what’s going on. Any interesting thing they saw or watched on the news.
Talk to everyone, anywhere that you find them, and ask them what’s going on. What’s on the news.
What did they watch yesterday? Anything going on in the world of politics, or foreign affairs.
Ask them how the stock market is doing, and whether the housing market is going to crash.
But what the point of asking other people when you aren’t reading the news yourself?
Here’s where step 3 comes in.
Step 3. Let Them Talk & Become Their Best Friend
See most people are starving for conversation. They don’t have anyone to talk to even though they have so much to talk about.
Like you used to watch the news all the time, everyone else is watching the news.
But the problem is they aren’t able to talk to anyone about what they saw. Or what they heard. Or what their opinion is about all the sh*t that’s going on in the world.
When you ask them what’s going on – it gives them a way to release all the news that they’ve got pent up in their system. You provide them with an escape. You let them tell you their opinion.
By doing this, you’re becoming a close confidante to them. You get the news for free, without overwhelming yourself. Everyone will tell you in detail about the things that are going on in the world.
They will tell you about the latest murder trial, or how the president was caught cheating on someone, or how the hottest celebrity had a wardrobe malfunction.
But that’s not the coolest thing.
Sure, you’ll get to know about the world, but the best thing is that you’ll get to know about the person talking to you. You’re giving someone a chance to speak to you and tell you about what they think.
By listening to them, you’re validating them. You’re letting them be themselves. And everyone want’s to be them self.
By doing this small act of kindness; asking other people what’s going on you will become their best friend. They will seek you to tell you what’s going on in their life, and in the world of news.
Everyone will come to talk to you. Everyone will want to sit next to you and tell you things that you never even knew existed out there.
Not only will you get the news for free without actually investing your time sitting in front of the TV or Newspaper… but you’ll also make a few friends along the way, who look up to you.
CAUTION! This Is Not For Everyone
I have to warn you, though. This is not for everyone. If you have a major “fear-of-missing-out,” then this is not for you.
If you feel left out because you didn’t catch the news, then this is not for you.
But if you want to become the center of attention wherever you go or make friends everywhere or gain the love and respect of others – then this is for you.
When you start doing this, it will be a little weird. You will miss reading the newspaper and will lapse now and then to reading it. You might even turn on the TV to catch what’s going on…
But as you practice this you’ll get better and better. Within a few weeks, you won’t even feel the need to read the newspaper or watch TV.
You’ll get all your information and news from other people who wily tell you all that’s going on in the world.
In your new found time – you can read books, pursue a hobby, or spend time with your family. Knowing that you’re on top of the news, without ever actually following it.