How a restaurant got 1,167 new leads in 47 days

In this post, you will discover a simple method to get more leads for your business. This is an ‘ancient’ method by our standards but one that still works if used properly.
You will learn how a mom and pop restaurant got an extra 1167 leads in less than 50 days (47 to be exact). And how this restaurant increased its revenue by a multiple of 10.
You might be thinking “Wait a minute — Riz, I don’t have a restaurant… how does this apply to me?” And that’s a good question.
This is a key principle of marketing. And of the method that I’m going to share with you. You can take out the restaurant business and adopt the method to ANY Business.
A financial services business. A bookkeeping business. A dry-cleaning business. Or even an engineering business. I’ll show you exactly how to do all that…

But First A Story

One of our family friends is an excellent cook. Everyone loved eating what she made at house-parties. The compliments she received were usually in the line of — “You’re such a good cook. You should start a restaurant”.
And so she did. She started a restaurant.
But it wasn’t any restaurant — it was one of the finest in the city. She got the finest ingredients. She used her best recipes.
Even the furniture in the restaurant was designed by a famous carpenter in the area. It was made without any nails or bolts. Like those old Windsor Chairs.
Then she had a grand opening — she invited all her friends and family. It was a massive affair. Everyone who was anyone was there. They all loved the food — the reviews in the paper were great.
Surely her restaurant was destined for success. With that expectation, she had invested $300,000 of her own life savings.
But then it happened.
Three months passed. The initial excitement for a new restaurant died. The reviews were done. There was nothing new about the restaurant — so it wasn’t in the ‘News’ anymore.
The customers faded. The restaurant floundered — with only a few customers coming in every day. Mostly to get away from the heat and sit in an air-conditioned lounge.
A few customer, don’t a profitable business make
So how did she change her fortunes and get 1,167 new leads and customers, 10x her profit in 47 days? I call it the ‘Grandma’s-Letter-Technique’.
But before I tell you how she did it (and how you can do this in your business)
A Word Of Warning!!!
‘Grandma’s-Letter-Technique’ is a simple, yet effective way of marketing your business. Most people who read this will think — this won’t work for my business.
Or I’ve heard this before — and I know this. But that’s not where the magic lies.
The magic is not in learning a new technique or finding something that you did not know. The magic is in doing the things that work. Even if you’ve heard of this before.
The doing is where the magic lies.
When you apply the Grandma’s-Letter-Technique you will get more leads. From places you never knew existed.
You will start getting a flood of new customers. Other will start talking about you and your business and share it with their friends.
You will become an authority in your field. Your colleagues, friends, and old bosses will look to you for help. And want you to share your secrets of success with them.
You will become a pillar of the community. You will become the success that you’ve always wanted, and a loved and revered member in your industry.
If you don’t implement this — your business will stagnate. You will lose traction in your business and your existing customers will become bored of you.
Plus you won’t make the money, or gain the power and respect of your colleagues.
But just by taking a few steps and implementing this technique, you will start seeing results.
So let’s look at
What is the ‘Grandma’s Letter Technique’?
As a kid, there was one envelope I loved opening on my birthday and special occasions.
I just couldn’t wait to open.
It was grandma’s letter. The special thing about grandma’s letter was — money. It usually had money and a note from grandma telling me how much she loved me, and how she wanted to see me again.
She told me she loved me. Then she gave me some money. Then she told me she was really looking forward to seeing me again. Every time I got that letter — I begged my parents to go see her.
Sometimes we could — other times we couldn’t. But I was delighted EVERY TIME I got that letter.
So the ‘Grandma’s Letter Technique’ is exactly that.
Sending a letter to your prospects, that tells them how much you love them, gives them some money, and then invites them to come visit you.
Why The ‘Grandma’s Letter Technique’ Works
Every once in a while, someone will say to me — “this won’t work, people are online now. Using digital media, and Facebook, and doing all sorts of social media things.”
Yes, they are — and that’s why THIS WORKS.
Most of your competitors are online. Wasting money on social media. Trying to get to the top of Google. Looking to get on Podcasts. While their customers are ignoring all the ‘sponsored’ noise online.
Think about the last time you stopped to look at an advertisement. Only when you are forced to watch it before the actual content.
All the other times you ignore it.
On Facebook — there are ads on the right side — most of us ignore them.
On Google — there are ads on the top — most of us ignore them. There used to be ads on the right — but Google took them off because no one was clicking on them.
On Youtube — we skip the ads before the video
On Podcasts — we skip the sponsor information
But when was the last time you ignored a letter from grandma? Did you toss it in the trash?
Forget receiving a letter from grandma. When was the last time you ignored a letter addressed to you, that looked like it came from grandma? Probably never.
Here’s Are The Exact Steps To Take — With Examples
Following are the exact steps you can take to use the Grandma’s Letter Technique to get more customers.
I’ve included some screenshots to show you what it might look like.
Step 1. Sending a letter that looks exactly like it came from grandma
Yes, an old school letter. Something that you wrote in 4th-grade English. This is not an email, this is not a Facebook status.
Here’s a screenshot of the letter we sent for the restaurant — this is a whopping four-pager.
This is a letter that goes into their mailbox, that they have to open and read. But it also must look like it came from grandma.
  1. She doesn’t have a logo
  2. She doesn’t have window openings on her envelopes
  3. She uses nice stationary

There are is one more elements to getting this right (can you guess?) — but as long as you get the above three right — you will be good.

Here’s the envelope we sent with the letter for the restaurant. 
Step 2. Telling them how much you love them
This is necessary. Tell them how much you love them. Think about it — as a customer to your business, they are paying for your life. Maybe the latte you had today was because this one customer came in.
So tell them how much you appreciate them and how much you love them. Let them know that you’re pleased to have them as a client — and that you’re glad to be able to serve them.
Here’s the exact wording we used for the restaurant.
Step 3. Giving them money
If grandma didn’t give me the money — I wouldn’t be as excited about her letters. That’s the case with your customers.
If you don’t give them any money they’ll know that your letter is just to ask for more money. So you must give them some money.
There are two ways to do this.
First — attach a $1 dollar bill/coin to the top of the letter. The lowest denomination of a ‘note’ that you can find works best. Because notes still feel a little visceral than coins. But coins are okay too.
Second — give them a voucher or a cheque that they can only cash at your business. Something significant enough that they are compelled to come to your business to spend it.
Most people think of a voucher as cash itself. Especially since both a voucher and actual cash are printed on paper for the most part.
Here’s what the voucher looked like for the restaurant.
Nothing fancy. Just words in our letter — but it still was a hit.
Step 4. Asking them to come see you again
Finally, you must ask them to come see you again. You’re not asking them to buy something from you — as a small business — you sell to them when they see you. Because of who you are — people love you.
But they must meet you. Interact with you. Talk to you. And hear your entire value proposition before they buy from you.
So in this letter, you’re not going to sell them — but you’re going to invite them to come visit you. To talk to you because you miss them and haven’t seen them in a while.
Here’s an example from the restaurant of how we asked them to come visit
Here’s How You Use This In Your Business
There are two ways you can use this in your business.
First — send this letter to all your existing customers. Invite them back into your office so you can serve them some more.
The more your clients interact with you the more they will buy from you. The more opportunities you will have to share your services with them. The more money you will make.
Plus you will get a chance to upsell them to other services that you might have. (You do have upsells, don’t you?)
Second — send this letter to all the prospects we identified last week. You did this using the ‘Best-Client-Technique. Ask them to come to your office.
The difference from your customer to your prospects is that you won’t be sending them a thank-you letter. You will be sending them a more detailed letter explaining who you are and why you’re writing to them.
Some Things To Look Out For
Your first instinct at this point is, “This will never work — my business is different”.
Sure, your business is different if it doesn’t need customers. The rest of us have to get customers.
The best way to do that is using the ‘Grandma’s Letter Technique’. Sending a letter to your customers and prospects. Telling them about your business. And inviting them to visit you, or schedule an appointment.
It works because you are connecting with your customers where there is the least amount of noise. Your competition is wasting their money online where it is noisy. Let them. You’re smarter than your competition.
Another thing to look out for is sending too few letters. Which means sending only 10 or 20 letters and expecting results.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. Nothing in business works like that. When you send these letters out send at least 100 to your existing customers, and 1,000 to new prospects.
This will get you the best results. Any fewer and that’s just shooting yourself in the foot.
But also don’t send more than 5,000 at any given time. You want to test the letter before committing major moolah!!!
Alrighty, time for a
Quick Recap of Grandma’s Letter Technique
‘Grandma’s Letter Technique’ is sending a letter to your prospects. That looks like it came from grandma. That tells them how much you love them. Gives them some money. And then invites them to come visit you.
Here are the four steps to the ‘Grandma’s Letter Technique’
Step 1. Sending a letter that looks exactly like it came from grandma
Step 2. Telling them how much you love them
Step 3. Giving them money
Step 4. Asking them to come see you again
Action steps
  1. Write a letter to your prospects and clients using the ‘Grandma’s Letter Technique’
  2. Send this letter to your 1,000 best prospects from ‘Best-Client’ exercise
  3. Track results
Your Turn
P.S. Now it’s your turn — Leave a comment below letting me know how you will use this in your business and life. Also, I love your feedback — so leave a comment below to tell me what you thought of the ‘Grandma’s Letter Technique’.