How To Find Potential Customers — Using Social Media

“If you build it they will come” — have you heard that before.

It’s from the Kevin Costner movie “Field Of Dreams.” The number one reason most businesses fail.

I used to think like that — if you build it they will come.

I did that. Built something — and then hoped for the customer to come.

You guessed it already — no one came. For two years.

Then I did something completely different — and within 45 days I had over 1,100 new lead come into my business.

What was the difference between the first two years and the next 45 days?

Here’s a quick screenshot of what my growth was before and after implementing this.




That’s what you will discover today.

Plus, I’ll share with you what you can do to find potential customers using social media.

Also — this is all without spending a single dollar or marketing.

No Facebook ads.

No Google ads.

No paid advertising of any sort. Heck, I didn’t even do any SEO.

But I did do something that people miss.

Read on — I’ll share with you exact screenshot of what I did — and how you can repeat the same for yourself.

What you will learn in this post

In this post, you’ll discover how to use social media to gain actual leads and customers.

Most don’t get it. In fact, gurus don’t share this method. Primarily because this is so low-key that anyone who hears this usually dismisses it.

Which means that if you and I, apply this we can take over pretty quickly.

You’ll also discover the ‘word for word’ scripts that I used to gain 1,100 new subscribers using social media.

If you don’t use this method — you will spend your time putting out content that no one is reading. You’ll waste your advertising money on ‘social-media’ brownie points that don’t make you any money.

And your return on investment will be zero.

In the end — you will burn out with social media.

I know people who spend tens-of-thousands of dollars getting vanity social media numbers. Getting more likes on Facebook. Or paying for more Twitter followers.

Even paying to become a ‘best-selling-author’ status. But when you ask them how many leads all this brought in — the answer is usually dead silence.

Dead silence. Because all this social media ‘attention’ did not convert to any more leads or customers.

But if you follow what you will discover in this post today — you will change your fortune. You will get more leads and more customers.

Your lead funnel will increase — and you won’t even care about your social media bragging numbers.

But before I give you the scripts that you can use and the step-by-step of how to install it.

Let’s take a look at what it means to

Get More Potential Customers Using Social Media

Social media includes Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora, Blogs and other similar sites. These are websites that allow people to interact with each other.

With this interaction come a few problems and a few opportunities.

The problem with social media is that it is too noisy. Too many people saying the same things. Which means that most prospects have their feeds cluttered. Too much ‘stuff’ that no one wants to hear about.

Which means that anything you post on your feed — is probably going to get ignored. There is already too much noise out there. So, of course, it is going to get ignored.

Which is also where the opportunity lies. Since there is so much noise in the medium all you have to do is help clarify the noise.

Anything that will help reduce this noise is welcome. So if you do something that is going to help other people reduce the noise you will be praised for that.

Which is how you get more potential customers. But not just by helping others.

There is one last thing that you must do.


You must ask people to join your list.

Directly. Specifically. Tell them what you’re doing. Then ask them to join your list.


How To Install This In Your Life

I’ve used this strategy on a few different social media platforms. I had better luck on one than the others. You will experience the same thing.

You will get better results from one than the others. My suggestion is that you follow through with the one that is working best for you.

Then hammer it. Keep doing it.

You can even use the exact wording I’ve used in my messages. Just change it to reflect your ‘thing’.

Here are the top 5 platforms that I used — and the exact messages I sent out.

#1. Twitter

Twitter is an excellent tool to discover what is currently being discussed. You can follow specific topics and people.

Then send them a tweet telling them about your thing.

Here’s the tweet I sent to people interested in RescueTime when I did the giveaway last month.

Each person retweeted this particular tweet. Which resulted in an extra 114 subscribers.

#2. Facebook

Go through everyone you know on your Facebook. Yeap. REALLY do this.

Look at everyone you’ve ‘friended’ on Facebook and tell them about your thing.

Ask them to join.

Here’s what I did.

Some people said no. So what. It still added more people to my list.

#3 Quora

Quora is another platform that has topics and people following specific topics.

The difference here is that it’s a question and answer platform. People ask questions. Experts answer questions.

The more valuable answers you write on Quora the more people will follow you and the better your reach.

But even if you don’t have any followers you can still use this to ask people to join.

You do this by first answering their questions.  Then asking them to join.

I’ve done this many different ways on Quora. Here’s one of them

#4 Blogs

Blogs are standard for most business owners. Everyone and anyone now has a blog.

This is good news for you. The more blogs there are out there, the more people need to hear from you.

Each blog owner is looking to share something new to their audience. And more often than not, it’s difficult to come up with new topics.

This is where you come in. Email other people in your industry who have blogs telling them about your thing.

Here’s the email I sent

Here’s the response I got

#5 Podcasts

Emailing guests who appeared on podcasts for my industry. I’m talking about productivity and online marketing for small business owners.

So I looked for productivity. Anyone who was on a podcast related to productivity. I send them an email.

It was like the one above. The only difference was instead of referring to the blog post — I referred to the podcast they appeared in.

The result of doing these 5 things — an extra 1,100 leads joined my list in the last 45 days.

BONUS CONTENT: The One Method No One Is Talking About

I’ve recently discovered a new method of finding leads. Leads who are ACTUALLY interested in what you’re sharing. I’m testing this method out right now.

If you’d like to hear my results, leave a comment below. I’ll send you a special email letting you know about the results.


This is a very simple method of getting new leads. But because this is a simple method most who read this will ignore it.

They will say, “Yeah sure, Riz. This worked for you — but it won’t work for me or my business.”

Not true.

The only way this won’t work for you is if you don’t work.

I know this because I spent a long time not doing this. I would argue with my mentor, my friends and anyone who told me to install this method that it wouldn’t work.

If only I had spent my energies implementing this.
Look, I’m not saying it is easy. It is not. It’s hard — and it will take a concentrated effort to do it.

But only for the first week. Once you get in the groove of doing this. It’ll be easy. Once you accept that this is what you’re going to do to get more leads and clients to your business it will be easy.

For me — once I decided that this was what I was going to focus on, it became second nature.

Even now — I love to do this. But my first reaction is of fear. When I think about having to email someone to ask them to join my list, I freak out.

That’s just the way it is. It will be for you too. Don’t let the fear hold you back from what is going to be the best way to grow your business.

And, if you can’t tell a few people about your business — how will you ever grow it to a million or a ten-million-dollar mark. That’s what I’m focused on. Taking my business to the million-dollar mark.

Quick Recap

In this post, we looked at five ways you can attract new clients and leads for your business.

We looked at the specific messages you can send to prospects and how to get them to say yes.

Plus — you got the exact screenshots that I’ve used in the past month to grow my list by 1,100.

Action steps

  1. Pick one of the five social media sources mentioned above.
  2. Write out a quick message using the samples as a starting point
  3. Send it to 3 prospects — right now telling them about your business.
  4. Leave a comment that you did this.

Your Turn

Don’t let the fear of rejection hold you back. In business, more people will say no to you than will say yes.

Our job is to go through the “no’s” faster and faster so we can get to yes.

Won’t you leave a ‘yes’ in the comments below if this was something that helped you.

I love to hear from you — leave a comment.

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