How to find more leads and clients for your business

Finding leads for your business is the holy grail. If you can find more leads for your business you can visually have your business run on all cylinders.

It’s not blogging. Or podcasting. Or social media. Or Linkedin. Or Twitter.

Its none of the above — but this tool alone will easily outshine any of the websites above in terms of generating more leads for your business and helping you find the ‘right’ people for your services.

This is an entirely FREE tool. You don’t have to pay a penny to access it — though you might have to spend 15 minutes of your time to get ‘access’ to it. (I’ll show you how in just a minute).

But first, In the last post, we looked at who your best client is — How To Use Data To Find Your Best Client. (If you haven’t read that — go read it first, then come back here)

Today, we’ll take a look at, what to do once you’ve found your best client. How to use this information to find other, similar, great clients.

Finding More Of Your Best Clients

By focusing on your ‘best clients’ and finding more ‘best clients’ you will be able to increase your sales, make more money and reduce the amount of time and stress you spend serving each client.

You will be able to achieve your goals much faster, and your targets in business exponentially quicker.

Plus you will also be able to spend more time doing the things that you love to do — play golf, spend time with family, or just be able to spend a lazy afternoon browsing your favorite bookstore.

In the end, you will know exactly what to do to get the kind of customer you will be excited to serve and how to find them — AT WILL.

You will also discover, ‘How to use your current insights’ into your clients to find other clients who would be the perfect fit for you and your business.

Most business owners get this wrong. Which means that they end up serving clients that are wrong for them; customers who cause stress, increase tension at work, or even become disruptive to their business.

How To Find More Of Your Best Clients

If you went through the exercise in the last post and have already discovered your best client — this will be easy. (If you haven’t — go read ‘How To Use Data To Find Your Best Client’ first)

You will notice that the best client has a few very significant identifiers about them.

Their industry, the revenue (or income) they have in their own life, the amount of money they spend on services like yours, or even the level of education.

Once you have this kind of information you can extrapolate it to find other people like that.

Questions To Ask To Find More Leads

So think about your best client and look ask the following questions about your best client.

What industry is my best client in?

What type of business is it?

What is their annual sales revenue / or income?

Is my client a corporate client or individual person?

Which part of town does my best client live in?

How many employees does this ‘best client’ have?

The answer to these questions doesn’t have to be accurate — but even a good estimation is will do.

Now that you have the answer to these questions — let’s look at the tool I’ve been teasing you about for the last few minutes.

The Free Tool To Get More Leads

It’s a website that very few people know about — it’s free with a few limitations but for our purposes, this is entirely free.

The website is — even though this is a US website but it has a lot of information about Canadian businesses and individuals as well.

(Hint: If you don’t have access to this particular database — head down to your library and ask the librarian for a ‘Database of Business’ or ‘Business Listing Directory’. Most libraries will have a locally published database that you can use, copy, and take home with you. )

Here’s how you get access and use this tool

To access this tool you need a library membership. Yes, a free membership to the public library will get you this tool for FREE too.

What? Don’t you have a library membership? That’s what’s going to take the 15 minutes. Head down to your local public library — and get a membership — It’s free. You’ll get a library card.

We need that library card to access this resource. For now, let us look at what you will find inside — but I implore you to get a library membership if you don’t already have one.

(I’ll tell you in a minute how to access similar databases in your hometown if you don’t have access to this database — for now, let’s dive in)

Simple Resource To Finding New Leads And Clients

Here’s what you do after you have that library card —

Step 1. visit or your local library.

Step 2. Click on ‘Research And Downloads’ then Click on ‘Databases A To Z’

splHere’s a screenshot

Step 3. Scroll down to find ‘Reference Canada’ database — click on it. It will open a new window. 


The new window will have a disclaimer — plus a login screen like such


Step 4. Enter your library card where it says ‘Your Barcode #’ – then click on ‘Login’

Step 5. Once you’ve logged in — it will take you to a ‘Terms & Conditions’ page – scroll all the way down and click on the checkbox ‘I accept the above terms and conditions’ — then click on ‘Continue’

Step 6: Click on ‘Canadian Businesses’ if your best client is a business or ‘Canadian White Pages’ if your best client is an individual

Step 7: Click on ‘Advanced Search’ tab near the top of the search fields


This is where all of the magic will happen.

Here’s a screenshot of what this page looks like. There are a few elements on this page to unpack before we start using it.



The left-hand column is what we call ‘selects’ — this is where you can select criteria to search for.

The center column is where you can enter information and choose the option within each ‘select’

The right-hand column is what displays the number of leads that you can access.

Let’s look deeper into this.

In the selects options, you have a number of options to select from.

We will select these options based on our research from the previous post — where we looked at who our best client was.

So let’s imagine that your best client has the following criteria.

  1. Dental Practice, who has an annual revenue of $637,000 in the city of Surrey

Let’s see if we can find someone like that in the database.

We select ‘Keyword/SIC/NACIS’ then type Dentist in the search term, click ‘Search’ and select ‘Dentist’ and ‘Dental Hygienists’ then click ‘Update Count’ (See screenshot below)



That gives us 31,495 — but wait, that’s in all of Canada. So we have to limit the size.

Next, click on ‘City’ — then select ‘British Columbia’ from the drop down menu, type ‘Surrey’ in the search field, select ‘Surrey’ from the options and click ‘Update Count’

Now we have a more reasonable 379 Dentist in the Surrey area. Which gives us a much more targeted view of who we can talk to and who might be a good client fit for us.



We can go deeper, by selecting a number of options from the ‘selects field. Like the sales revenue, or advertising spend, or Executive gender if your service is more catered towards one gender – think ‘nail saloon’.

What Do You Do Next

Now that you’ve got a list of people and a number of results, what do you do next?

Continuing the example above — hit the ‘View Results’ button in green. It will take you to a screen where you will be able to see a number of results. (25 per page to be specific)

Here’s an example of what you will see inside.



This shows the following details

  1. Name of the practice
  2. Name of executive/owner
  3. Address
  4. Phone number and
  5. Record type (verified or unverified)

You can use these results to do a number of things, such as. get in touch with the executive, cold call, send specific advertising to these businesses and my favorite send a personal letter inviting them for coffee (there’s a way to do it that works wonders — but I’ll save that for another day).

Now, before I tell you what will happen if you find more clients like this — let me answer a question

What If I’m Just An Employee / Student?

Then this database is even more important for you — if you’re just an employee or student. It gives you the ability to reach prospective employers by finding who you would like to work for.

But not only that — it also gives you the ability to find more clients and customers for your current employer. You might think that is not your job — but in the changing economy — that is everyone’s job.

Here’s What Will Happen When You Use This Database

When you start using this database – a few things will happen

The first time you want to call someone — you will feel very awkward. Because you won’t have an answer to tell them, how you found out about them. I usually tell them a part of the truth, ‘I found your number on the internet while looking for [Dentists]’.

You will also notice that a lot of the numbers that you call are no longer in service. Sadly this is the nature of the beast, when we’re calling people out of the blue – often they won’t have updated number or have just moved.

But one other thing will happen — some of the clients will be interested in hearing more from you. You will find that they are looking for the service you’re providing and will want to know more. In fact — 20% of the people in the list will be actively looking for what you have to offer.

All you have to do is offer it to them in a friendly, manner. And let them know that you’re there to help.

Action Steps

  1. Find / Get a library card
  2. Login to the resource mentioned above
  3. Find a list of 300 – 500 clients similar to your current ‘best client’
  4. Make them an offer

Quick Recap

Today we looked at a resource tool, available for free to most library patrons.

Next, we looked specifically at how to use this tool — and how to find your ‘best clients’ using this tool.

Finally, we discovered a few simple ways that you can use the results of this tool to implement it in your business.

Your Turn

P.S. I love to hear from you — leave a comment below letting me know if this was helpful for you, and if you need more help implementing this.

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