How To Manage Time When Nothing Is Going Your Way

You’re already 5 minutes late when the tire bursts and you spill your coffee on your clothes.
What do you do? How do you manage time in a situation like this?
Simple answer — you don’t. You’re already too late in this case.
That’s what would usually happen to me. I would be late, some emergency or another ruining my day, my clothes, and my appointments.
It seemed like I attracted trouble everywhere I went.
You know that U2 song lyric… ‘like an accident waiting to happen, a piece of glass left there on the beach…’ I was that person.
I felt like a lost cause. But the funny part is that I’d tried everything.
I put my watch 15
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How To Manage 1,000+ Emails In Your Inbox

Last month I got over 1,000 emails, most of them were directly sent to me and required a response.


‘So how did I manage 1,000+ emails…?’

Without pulling my hair out?

(That was a low-blow — you can do better)

Here’s how I managed 1,000+ emails. Keep reading.

Chances are if you’re anything like me you get waaaay more email than you’d like.

You might not get 1,000+ emails — but it’s still a heck of a lot more than you want.

Like those silly 2-for-1 coupons in your mailbox that you’d trash out.

But the difference with email is that every time you get a new email, it’s right there. On your phone, on your computer — and … ... continue reading

A Simple Hack To Keep Up With News

Here’s the best way to always be on top of the news while being the guy who makes other people feel important.
but truth be told this hack is simple, yet will need immense willpower from you to work.
If you don’t have the willpower or the right habits, you will fail. This hack won’t work for you, and you will end up in the same rut that you started from. You will get overwhelmed and will have too much news and information piling up in your inbox.
You’ll discover that you will be out of the loop, whether it is with your friends, family or at work.
If you install this hack, you will discover the secret of always
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Top Books You Must Read This Year

Growing up, I hated reading. I didn’t hate reading books; I hated reading textbooks.

I would get fiction from the library and read late at night, hiding under the blanket with a flashlight. I read anything I could get my hands on. Even my sisters Sweet Valley High, Mills & Boons & SVU series books.

Usually, I would run through a book in a few days. The only books that I would not finish were my course books. My grades through high school vouch for that.

Here’s the fun thing, though, because I read a lot, I developed the habit of reading a lot. This didn’t help me in my grades in high school but gave me a significant advantage … ... continue reading

[Failure Study] The Value Of Fundamental Principles

Fundamental principles, eye on the ball

In sports, there is a fundamental principle, “Keep your eyes on the ball.” Last month I took my eyes off the ball… and I failed.

This post is about that failure. And what I’m doing to fix it.

Keeping Your Eye On The Ball

In most sports the ball is real. As long as you keep your eyes on the ball, you will connect.

Take your eyes off the ball, and it will smack you in the head.

Close your eyes and swing — and you will miss.

Keep your eyes on the ball — and you will connect much better.

The “keeping your eye on the ball” in sports means remaining focused on what’s going on in the field.… ... continue reading